Jeb Bush's Politburo

FL Sec. of State Closes Open Meeting with Ion Sancho, Evicts National Reporters, Calls Police!
Welcome to the First Day of ‘Sunshine Week’ in the State of Florida!

This is just amazing. On the first day of “Sunshine Week” celebrating “open government” in Florida, Jeb’s recent political appointee Sue Cobb tossed out reporters, slammed the door and called the police to remove them from the hallway during what was supposed to have been an open meeting with Leon County Election Supervisor Ion Sancho.

Sancho is the hero who recently revealed that Diebold machines can be hacked and election results flipped without a trace being left behind.

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Never saw a word about this in the St.Pete Times…not news “worthy-ness” I guess. They used to have a sharp penciled political reporter that would go after even the “local” stuff like this, have not seen her lately. The Times behaves like the “Silent Majority” of the 1960’s when it comes to local and some state news…the cult of Jeb! is strong in the SP Time’s home county.

The SP Times does occasionally stand up to this group, but not enough. And, on some issues as this they should fully investigate and expose. They did run an interesting article quoting Jim Davis (Dem candidate for governor) as he had gone to Tallahassee a couple of weeks ago and commented on the “paranoid environment” he encountered.Davis thought it strange as people feared negative consequences for being seen with him during his stump visit. Just another sign of the times…Davis is pretty moderate, for him to mention something like that means it is pretty bad, wish I had saved the article.

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