"God wants me in office," says Harris

And also claims she studied under Francis Schaeffer….

Harris tells Christian group she believes God wants her in public service
By Brian E. Crowley
Palm Beach Post Political Editor
Sunday, March 19, 2006

FORT LAUDERDALE – Finding inspiration from God, The Last of the Mohicans and The Lord of Rings, Katherine Harris told hundreds of conservative Christians Saturday that she is “a work in progress.”

Harris, who told a national television audience Wednesday that she would be spending $10 million to win Florida’s U.S. Senate race, said she never would have entered politics if she did not believe that God wanted her to make public service part of her life.

The Sarasota-area congresswoman’s campaign for the senate has been in a free fall. She has struggled to raise money, and nearly all her top campaign advisers have left. Several tried to persuade the 48-year-old Republican to quit the race, saying she had no chance of winning.

But during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s Hannity and Colmes, Harris said she will not end her campaign and will instead spend “my legacy from my father” and “everything I have.”

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A recurring theme within this group’s mind set. I just hope (dare I say, pray!) Harris takes a bunch more rebublican money with her when she goes down. Nelson is a no nonsense very moderate democrat, I do not believe he has much to fear from her, even in the wacky world of Fla politics.
All that comes to mind when I think of Harris and others of her ilk is a Chris Smithers line: “The holy and profane, all hopelessly insane”

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