Don't let AT&T merge with BellSouth!


AT&T and BellSouth, two of the largest telecom companies, just announced plans to merge into a media monopoly. This deal must be stopped.

The merger resurrects the Ma Bell monopoly that was busted up in 1984. But it’s far worse today. These companies no longer just control telephone calls. They want to become gatekeepers to all digital media — television, telephone and Internet — at prices that many Americans can’t afford.

The merger is now in the hands of the FCC, FTC and Congress. They’ll rubber-stamp the deal unless the public speaks up. It’s time to tell Washington:

Giant media companies have failed us on all fronts. They have failed to provide access to all communities. They have stifled and squelched competition, eliminating choices in the marketplace. They have failed to bridge the digital divide, leaving America far behind other countries. They have failed to open their networks to local and independent content creators. They have failed to protect net freedoms that keep the Internet an open road for all.
We need real competition and a choice of innovative communications services. It’s time to turn back the new tide of media consolidation.

Send your letter to Washington — before it’s too late.

Timothy Karr
Campaign Director
Free Press

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