Bush doesn't mind those low, low ratings

What follows is a message from Len Hart, and then a sharp reply from Jonathan Simon, one of our most astute and eloquent election reform activists:

News from the barricades. The tide has turned. CBS News reports Bush’s approval rating at 34% -the lowest ever. Some 60 percent of Americans have turned against continuing the war of aggression against Iraq even as Bush denies the threat of a civil war in Iraq. And every decent American is sickened unto nausea by the idea that our nation, under our Constitution, is perpetrating sexually perverted tortures on people at various secret Eastern European gulags like Nazis!

Dear Len–

Means nothing. Bush (and Cheney) actually get off on being disliked. After all, friend, that’s what power is to them: not to be popular but to have your way against the will of the people you rule. That this rule will be perpetuated in a simulated democracy via the unthinkable computerized perversion of the electoral system just sweetens the joke for them. You’ve seen the smirk.

Bush, like the more energetic Hitler, is a nihilist at the core and nothing is fulfilling to a nihilist unless it is the big lie (the bigger the better), the utter destruction of reality and of the truth. Bush really couldn’t bear his high approval ratings; they were, in a sense, disempowering. So forget your 34% and your conventional calculus, which would make sense and be heartening only if America were still a democracy. It is not. It resembles a democracy the way a stuffed animal resembles an animal. That’s all that’s left.

Besides, Len, with the long-delayed “capture” of Osama on tap for this year (they need a cover story for the theft of E2006), prepare yourself for a reversal to 66% approval in the not-too-distant future (Bush will just have to grin and bear it somehow). Yes it’s highly irrational but Osama’s head on the platter will somehow make it all OK again with the American people. “Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a rainy day. . .” It’s that choreographed. It’s that evil.–Jonathan

Len is at hart[at]; Jonathan is at VerifiedVote2004[at]

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Very well said. “Bush will just have to grin & bear it somehow.”

Man, when you consider the underlying pathology, that’s a grim sentiment.

Hard to say how the populace will react for sure. One imagines the Bushco brainstorming the options on a daily basis:
“Hmmm…wheel out the standard issue bin Laden facsimilie, or nuke a couple cities? ….say Bill, how’s that home grown “bird flu” stain comin’ along?”

…and after that person says “bird flu stain,” a lull overcomes the room as each one closely eyes the other, and then, the entire group of vultures break into a raucous chorus of cackles and guffaws, chortling as they slap one another on the back, high-fiving all around.

And at the very same moment, there are scores of people vehemently engaged in pro-Bushco debate, calling in on talk radio to scream about the “crazy” left, displaying huge flags all over their vehicles, and of course my personal favorite:
the “I Support President Bush 100%” bumper sticker.

It smacks of that really creepy Bushco rant you’ll often hear recited by Bushco-Bots on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal. You can always hear it in the person’s voice, that odd quality that makes them sound as if they’re calling in reading from a script in support of a cult leader.

With Bush’s approval ratings tanking, it is tempting to write his political obit. Democrats, unfortunately, are still not poised to reap any lasting benefit and progressives are right to question WHY there were only ten votes against the so-called Patriot Act compromise.

In the meantime, who can blame progressives for indulging a bit of Schadenfraude.

It’s been a long time, but don’t sabre the champagne just yet though Mephestopheles has, indeed, come for Faust. When I think of all those GOPPERS (and some Democrats) who sold their souls for Bush’s hideous vision of Hegelian State Absolutism, I am reminded of the film “A Man for All Seasons” oft misquoted and, in other ways, abused by GOPPERS.

Richard Rich gave perjured testimony against Sir Thomas More at his trial for treason. More examined Rich’s medal of office at the end of Rich’s perjured testimony: “Why Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world… But for Wales?”

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