And speaking of Florida….

Posted on Tue, Mar. 07, 2006
Election official hammered for telling the truth

Ion Sancho may be a hero in California, where grateful election officials have verified the ”serious security vulnerabilities” in Diebold voting machines that the Leon County election supervisor uncovered last year.

Sancho is regarded a little differently in Florida.

Florida’s secretary of state’s office disparaged Sancho’s finding, demonstrating considerably more interest in propping up vendors than protecting elections.
California, alarmed by Sancho’s report, dispatched its independent, expert-laden Voting Systems Technology Assessment Advisory Board to conduct its own investigation.
Florida, meanwhile, threatened to sue Sancho.

When two of the only three voting machine vendors certified to do business in Florida (other potential competitors are shut out) refused to sell new machines to the troublemaking maverick from Leon County, the state snatched $564,421 in grant money away from Leon County for failing to meet a deadline for — you guessed it — obtaining new machines.

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This has the “Cult of Jeb” all over it as this is how they function, old fashioned bully boys. The great state of Florida also puts up with his once civil action-convicted brother Neil, and his sweethart deal suppling computer software to state agencies. It might be trickle down and strong arming for the general population, but when it comes to family and friends, the tap is wide open.

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