0 thoughts on “"Why We Fight" openings this Friday”

  1. No doubt when I incerted my zip…the post said “not playing in your area” I could have added “and never will”
    Will have to see it when the dvd is sold. At any rate I have heard that speech by Dwight before, but never before did I realize there is not one wasted word in it.

  2. DVD release, definitely. And Sundance Channel…they’ll likely show it several months from now.

    The theater chains are consolidated like everything else, so “controversial” films like this get very limited screenings, usually only in large metropolitan areas. The rest of us hicks are SOL until DVD.

    The funny thing about how the chains will censor a film – like Mike Moore’s “Fahreneit 9/11,” for example – is that, when you call a local theater manager and complain about it, they invariably feed you the line about “no one will come to see it, so the theater will lose money if we bring it in.”

    They did that here with “Bowling For Columbine,” which did huge sales theatrically and on DVD, and more revealing was when “Fahr9/11” came out, the big chains in this vicinity refused to carry it, so this little ma n’ pa run indie/second-run theater brought it in on OPENING WEEKEND, where it sold out shows for weeks!

    It ran here for months on end. The right wing mouth breathers kept trying to organize a protest but could never find enough people to show. The point being though, for the big chains, you’d think that the bottom line would be the determining factor, but wasn’t, because they knew they’d lose money by not carrying it. Politics was the bottom line instead.

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