UPDATE: An enemy of the state

Roxanne Jekot is a sharp, dedicated activist for election reform–so sharp, and so dedicated, that she’s being persecuted by the state of Georgia, where she lives and works with ever greater difficulty.

Roxanne is a dissident. How can we help her? At the very least, we can make sure that everybody knows what’s happening to her and her family, and why it’s happening.


Alternate source: http://users.adelphia.net/~thejekots/targeted/targeted.htm

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  1. Need more information here…and have these folks contacted the ACLU? That would be my move. There are no other links or enough details. I have witnessed county municiple government go after individuals that the county had an ax to grind with, it is not like it does not ever happen. AS to what level and the reasoning behind the nit picking legal actions is the question when ever this occurs. The state involvement is a bit scary, but dealing with their agencies is a nightmere under normal circumstances.

  2. Very scary. It serves as an example of everything that’s happening…like how you’d imagine that, at some point, with so many involved, the checks and balances of the system, eventually someone would’ve called the pigs off.

    Instead, no.

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