The VA is in dangerous hands

Mr. Carmichael:
You wrote a superb article about Supreme Court Justices Scalia, Thomas, and Alito, and their likely connections with intolerant political extremist Catholic groups, such as opus dei.

Off the record, here is another rarely-reported fact to connect the dots: Robert James Nicholson, an ardent Catholic and the former national chairman of the GOP, was the ambassador to the Vatican for four years who brokered the Bush-Papal meetings that torpedoed the Kerry campaign (along with the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth).

Nicholson was richly rewarded in early 2005 with a plumb political appointment as the new Secretary of Veterans Affairs, even though he has no background in healthcare or disability benefits, save the fact he is a veteran. Nicholson is now gutting government workers (one measure seeks to cut 30,000+ union workers at hospitals) from VA and replacing them with contract workers supplied by larger GOP corporate donors.

In addition, Nicholson is preparing to merge VA with DoD, thus making 4 out of every 7 federal workers DoD employees, few of whom are actually government workers or soldiers, but rather corporate mercenaries. Nicholson is also widely reported to be testing the waters to become Governor of Colorado.
The ominous implication of the merger of Church and Corporations and State is that the U.S. is witnessing the rise of both fascism and theocracy, yet most are blind to this development or the dire consequences it portends.
A patriot

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