Tell the LA Times to do its civic duty!

From: Lisa Pease
To: ‘Voting Activists’
Subject: Tell the LA Times about Diebold

Lloyd Dent had an excellent idea – see his note below. If you have time tomorrow, take a minute to draft a note to the LA Times. You can talk to them in three ways:

1. Send email to letters[at]
2. Submit a comment to the Readers Representative on the LA Times (our alleged advocate) at
3. You can post on their message board.

Key points to consider:

The Times is not giving the latest moves regarding our vote adequate coverage.
Diebold has not passed Federal Qualification criteria, yet our Secretary of State gave Diebold what is essentially a green light for CA.

Our County registrar is not responsive to the expressed wishes of the community she allegedly serves.

Then don’t forget to call the SoS’s office on Tuesday per the earlier message. If you need a copy of that again, let me know and I’ll resend to any who ask.

—–Original Message—–
To: Lisa Pease
Subject: RE: ACTION ALERT! SoS has certified Diebold

Dear Lisa

There is something we can do right now! Neither Doris nor I have seen any mention of the certification of Diebold machines in the LA Times (Sat or Sun). We can write letters to the Editor about this. We have been told by another group that you are more likely to get a letter published if the Times get a lot of letters on a subject, thereby showing general interest. I will write a letter, and I recommend that you send a message to your group encouraging as many as possible to also send a letter. The letters should not be a form letter, but rather have different approaches.

More information is available at the Secretary of State’s website: under Voting Systems Information. Friday’s Press Release is there, with the Conditions of the conditional certification at the very end of the document.


0 thoughts on “Tell the LA Times to do its civic duty!”

  1. The so-called LA Times belongs to the Chicago Tribune (since 2000).

    They are SPECIFICALLY NOT doing their civic duty, SPECIFICALLY NOT reporting our local perspective.

    Instead, they have lied and obscured as needed by the Coup.

    • Why didn’t the Chicago LA Times report the Feb 01 near nuclear accident at Bushbacker FirstEnergy’s Toledo plant?

    • Why didn’t the CLAT report the fact that during the 2003 Vote-Fraud (Recall), no computer in the state had legal software?

    • Why hasn’t the CLAT reported on the many antiwar/antibush protests in LA over the last six years? Why have they lied about the depth of local protest?

    • Why did they fire the most popular columnist for the paper (Scheer), while foisting neocon liars and (retaining) Ramirez (the racist cartoonist) on us?

    Down with the CLAT. They are below 1 million in subscriber (a bit above for Sunday), and falling.

    Angelinos don’t want a lying newspaper full of bigotry and rightwing spin.

    Bigots out of Los Angeles.

    –Paul in LA

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