"Surveillance truck" from Lego!

From Cindy A.:

Subject: Legos conditioning children for police state?

Believe it or not, this is not a joke.

Please send this to your family and friends and let them know what LEGO has the audacity to promote.

Wake up America. This is hitting our kids now.

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  1. ‘Dr. Leo Strauss’ at ‘Stop the Spirit of Zossen had a similar post in November, titled ‘Training For Obediance’ (sic).

    “consider this new playset marketed in late 2005 — just in time for the holidays! What better way to teach the “New Normal” of the MachtStat than by reaching the children. All to play along with the official Airline Screening playset (written about by Daniel Solove at Volokh Conspiracy and others). Here, thoughtful parents can begin to teach their children the importance of a Supplicant obeying the MachtStat at an early age:”

  2. Right you are then. It’s a SpookMobile truck for the boys and a sachet of RU-486 in Liberal Barbie’s purse for the girls. This way the kiddies can keep on truckin’ while they keep on fuckin’. Plus ca change……

  3. Oh spare me – there was a Surveillance Squad Lego set way back in 1994, this isn’t “shocking” or “audacious” whatsoever… find something more meaningful to point fingers at. =)

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