Smoke and mirrors don't come cheap!

Bush Administration Spent Over $1.6 Billion on Advertising and Public Relations Contracts Since 2003, GAO Finds
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Monday 13 February 2006

Washington, DC – Today Rep. Henry A. Waxman, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Rep. George Miller, Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, and other senior Democrats released a new Government Accountability Office report finding that the Bush Administration spent more than $1.6 billion in public relations and media contracts in a two and a half year span.

“The government is spending over a billion dollars per year on PR and advertising,” said Rep. Waxman. “Careful oversight of this spending is essential given the track record of the Bush Administration, which has used taxpayer dollars to fund covert propaganda within the United States.”

“No amount of money will successfully sell the Bush Administration’s failed policies, from the war in Iraq, to its disastrous energy policy, to its confusing Medicare prescription drug benefits,” said Democratic Leader Pelosi. “The American people know the Bush Administration is on the wrong track and the White House PR machine won’t change that fact.”

4 thoughts on “Smoke and mirrors don't come cheap!”

  1. Enthusiastically looking forward to your commentary on the Noe indictments. 53 felony counts is impressive. The dots you previously connected regarding Thomas Noe and the Ohio vote fraud made for great investigative reporting. How does it feel to be connecting more dots than the leader of the free world?

    My only concern is that George Clooney might make fun of Mr. Noe on television and make his children cry.

    A personal question – when you see a new generation more absorbed with young celebrities and pop culture, do you ever feel like giving up?

  2. More great ammo for the Dems…They are great at digging this stuff up, holding a press conference with succinct exposure and definition.

    Come Monday the suspense is up, the press has moved on. The Repub majority then decides no committee meetings will be needed and the Dems are back to searching for their ass with both hands. Cause we know that smoke and mirrors don’t come cheap, but sure buys allot of patriotic “face” time.

    I hate to be a cynic, but after watching 60 minutes Sunday night (talk about your billions and billions…hey, wait a minute… Sagan was correct!)
    anyhow, not a peep out of our “Liberal” St. Pete Times the next morn…there is just some stuff they will not touch untill daddy says so… (who’s your daddy?). I did look pretty hard…I may have missed a 1/2 inch somewhere, but I doubt it.

  3. That was a good itnreview. It brings up a point that has been perhaps left too far off to the side: just who are the congress members who got the money from those finance industry titans, and what votes did they cast which watered down Dodd-Frank? Wouldn't knowing that help the challengers next year?

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