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Airman’s Shooting Sparks FBI Inquiry
By Lance Pugmire and Matt Lait
Times Staff Writers
February 1, 2006

Responding to a dramatic videotape of a police shooting, federal officials opened an investigation Tuesday into the conduct of a San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputy who opened fire on a man who appeared to be following the deputy’s order to get off the ground.

A grainy videotape of the shooting in Chino was broadcast repeatedly on television Tuesday. The quality of the tape is poor, and it is difficult to clearly hear all the exchanges between the deputy and 21-year-old Elio Carrion during the seconds before the shooting.

At one point, a voice on the tape appears to say “Stay on the ground.” A moment later, however, the deputy appears to tell Carrion: “Get up, get up.”

“I’m going to get up,” Carrion replied as he began to rise from a crouch. As he did so, the deputy, who was standing a few feet away, fired multiple rounds.

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