More on voting for the disabled (especially in New York)

From Teresa Hommel:
FYI, The AutoMark ballot marking machine has sip-and-puff (for voters with neck-down paralysis), but the Vote-PAD at this time does not.

NY State’s new Election Reform and Modernization Act requires sip-and-puff.

The AutoMark was modifed to comply with New York’s full face ballot requirement, and the new version was demonstrated in January 2006.

The Automark was federally certified with the ES&S optical scanner, which also was modified to comply with the full face ballot requirement, and shown in January 2006.


Teresa Hommel
212 228-3803
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Chair, Task Force on Election Integrity, Community Church of New York Unitarian Universalist

New York State Info
Briefing packet 4-page cover sheet
1-page Summary
Cost Reports, NYC

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