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Hi Mark,

I take my dad to the VA and I have never been in the building without noting that FOX is on all the tv’s in all the waiting rooms. I have never seen anything but Fox. I asked a nurse once if they had a policy and she said no, sometimes they put the ball games on.

Matthew B.

From a patriot:

Here are a few links on Nicholson, who placed several GOP operatives in top VA slots, including public affairs, with an eye toward making Bush look good, rather than promoting the needs of veterans. When the world was focused on the incompetence of “Brownie” for failing to prepare and respond to the Hurricane Katrina disaster, Nicholson remained the Secretary for the
second largest U.S. government department, with a budget of $70 billion and more than 200,000 employees.

Official VA Biography

VA’s massive new spending on “Faith Based” initiatives for veterans, which is a huge plug for religion and Bush…

VA gives free press and promotes large corporations (also major GOP donors) who hire veterans for low-paying, dead-end jobs without healthcare and retirements benefits

Official State Dept. Biography, New:


Catholic-related biography

Daniels Fund biography

Nicholson gives more speeches to Catholic groups than to veterans groups…

Nicholson Stumps in FAVOR of Pre-emptive war

Ironically, Nicholson failed in his mission in the first few months, leaving VA $2.6 billion short to take care of 120,000 Iraq War veterans already diagnosed by VA after their return from combat.

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