More on Abu Ghraib, if you have the stomach for it

Airing tonight, Friday, February 17; check this link for station and times.

Link TV Special: Abu Ghraib

You’ve heard about the shocking new Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse pictures just released by Australia’s Dateline. Now tune in for the whole story! As the sole U.S. broadcaster of Dateline, Link TV is the only place where you can view the expose in it’s entirety. Then we bring you the media reaction from the Middle East, with analysis by Link TV’s Director of Middle Eastern Programming, Jamal Dajani. We show you the string of incidents that has Muslim world in an uproar.

A serious warning – some of the images in this program are very disturbing and may offend.

Abu Ghraib – The Sequel

International Dateline broadcasts shocking new photos and video of abuses committed at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Before SBS Dateline’s original broadcast in Australia on February 14th, many of these images were never shown to the public.

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