Marcy Winograd in California!

PDA’s Own Marcy Winograd Launches Campaign against Rep. Harman in CA

Over a hundred progressives turned out in Venice, California, Saturday night to launch Marcy Winograd’s campaign challenge to pro-war Congresswoman Jane Harman, who represents California’s 36th Congressional District. Marcy is the President of Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles (PDLA). Marcy’s supporters pledged to claim the Democratic Party as the party of the grassroots peace and social justice movement. Amid resounding applause and calls of “Dump Harman!” Marcy told her supporters that the campaign will be about mobilizing the progressive movement throughout Southern California. “Either way, whether I win now or in 2008,” said Winograd, “progressives will come out ahead because Harman will know that elected Democrats must listen to the people, lest the people rise up. Challenging pro-war Democrats are the true Party patriots, demanding the Party adopt a winning platform that will represent the overwhelming majority of Democrats who favor an end to the US occupation of Iraq.”

Rep. Harman has been a supporter of the Iraq war, the Patriot Act, new nuclear weapons development, and illegal government wiretapping of private American citizens. As a Congresswoman, Marcy would immediately join the “Out of Iraq” caucus in Congress, vote to de-fund the war, and lobby to spend the war billions on social programs for education, health care, housing and the environment. This is an exciting time for Progressive Democrats in Southern California to have a real progressive candidate to support. To contact Marcy, please email her. Winogradcoach[at]

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  1. Thanks for posting the info on a REAL Democrat. Marcy has a campaign website now: Her campaign is in full swing with many name endorsements and a growing list of citizens fed up with the go-along-with-Bush Democrats we have back in Congress now. Her formal announcement will be this Tuesday. She needs all the help she can get and many district e-mails to send her messages to.

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