Let's take down the Vichy Democrats!


Thanks a lot for putting up the VichyDems site during the filibuster fight. It helped: on Monday the site was only 6 days old, and drew over 7,000 hits. I estimate we turned out at least a few tens of thousands of phone calls from there alone.

I’m not stopping, though. The Alito fight, in my eyes, was always just the opening salvo in a larger game plan. With all those calls, the Vichy Dems who voted yes on cloture knew full well that they were going against the wishes of the base; and the ones that supported the filibuster knew, just as clearly, that they were
acceding to their base. Phase Two MUST be to demonstrate, to both groups, that we’re watching them, rewarding the good, punishing the bad. Otherwise, all that work was for nothing.

So, on http://vichydems.blogspot.com, I’m moving forward.

First, I’ve
cross-referenced the Dem Senators for and against the filibuster with who’s up for reelection this year, and who’s in the Gang of 14. (Hey — everyone in the G14 voted for cloture! Hey — if everyone up for reelection pandered to their base, we would have won!)

(I’ve also got links to a couple of challengers: Ned Lamont (vs Joementum) and Mark Wilson (vs. Cantwell). I’d appreciate people’s thoughts about Wilson, in particular: is he the best guy to beat Cantwell in the primary and still win the general? Is Cantwell really a Vichy?)

Second, I REALLY wish that everyone who made millions of phone calls, emails and faxes to Senators before the cloture vote, would make at least a few – and hopefully more than a few – to praise those who did the right thing, and later to chastise those who didn’t. I’m
starting with the praise to the good guys. It’s really important, both to retain the moral high ground (we say thank you to those who support us), AND TACTICALLY, because it reminds them that WE’RE STILL PAYING ATTENTION.

I estimate we — meaning everyone, Kos, MoveOn, NARAL, everyone — turned out several hundred thousand phone calls against cloture. I’d like to crank out at least 50,000 thank yous over the next week or two. Our grandmothers will be proud of us. After we’ve sent our thank you notes, we’ll start making the screw you calls.

As before, complete contact resources are over at my site.



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  1. I am inclined to support reform of the Democratic party from within. This will take a realistic assessment, an objective analysis of past failed strategies.

    An “infrastructure” such as it is, already exists. Creating a new party is quite beyond the ability of a small group to organize in time to make a difference. We don’t have that luxury and the right wing knows this.

    Machievellis among us would, of course, plant the seeds of dissension in the the right wing. Realistically — better the GOP divide along natural fault lines than the Democrats destroy the left in a war of counter productive recrimination.

  2. Mark:

    Boy, thanks for putting this on your site! I appreciate your support. If I can return the favor, such as by linking to a post you particularly want to circulate my VichyDems crowd, please let me know.

  3. Decent blog there…remember, the more “crackpot” and “tin foil hat” they call you, the closer to the truth you likely are, haha..well, not always, but you know how mass psychological defense mechanisms work! Still, no need for that disclaimer: wave the freak flag of truth high!

    Rebuild the dem party?

    I believe Bill Hicks – at his Chomskyan best – nailed it with this:
    “I think the puppet on the right shares my beliefs.”

    “I think the puppet on the left is more to my liking.”

    “Wait a minute! There’s one guy holding up both puppets!”

    Not sure just how supportive or receptive said “infrastructure” is, Nel. Creating a new party is well beyond a small group, as far as recognition/application.

    So, by that standard, look at what the dems already have, so to speak, and how appallingly little they’ve done to stand against all that’s happened…or, as some of us “tin foil hatters” believe, has been allowed to happen. Food for thought before deciding to place one’s eggs in the wrong basket…then again, I still like some of ol ‘crazy’ Ralph Nader’s ideas.

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