Let's hear it for righteous anger!

Scandal Fatigue, Catnip & the “Angry” Left

SCANDAL FATIGUE, CATNIP & THE ‘ANGRY’ LEFT: A few months ago, Steve Benen, Carpetbagger and DR guest-poster, wrote a fascinating blog entry that chronicled a series of Bush-related scandals …. all of which had occurred in the space of a week. In that regard, glance around this site today. You’ll find an over-abundance of stories that undermine the credibility and integrity of our current administration and of the party in power. This coincides with a recent wave of references to the “angry” left, as though anger at the apathy of the media, the political establishment and much of the public in the face of this cavalcade of scandals is somehow in bad taste.


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  1. Of course they fein a disgust to rationalize their own corruption and dereliction of professional duty. At some point as the ship goes down, or the tides do turn, it will be amusing to watch the MSM re-squirm into a new position. Maybe they will be let off their hands and knees once Repubs lose the post position. Then the MSM may resume their usual “on your knees” position when the Dems re-take the lead.

    I am aware this is a rather un-scholarly post, but I believe it best reflects what is going on in the country today, that is the lack of academic professionalism on several levels.

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