Help MoveOn set the right priorities!!

Move-On online survey to set priorities
Two points to remember:
—-All topics are important, but none of them matter if electronic voting systems are facilitating and concealing tampering.
—-All topics have major organizational support already EXCEPT opposition to evoting altogether because it will never be handled securely, and the demand for voter-verified printouts and use of them for auditing elections. These struggles are taking place in every state, and this is where MoveOn can make a difference.
The order of choices varies. Two suggestions:
—-Mark low priority for all except “Require electronic voting machines to print voter-verified paper records”
—-In the entry area called “Other” enter these suggestions:
. . . . Mandatory independent random vote-count audits
. . . . Immediate public posting of precinct data for absentee, early-voting, and election-day voting including number of voters, number of ballots, and tallies

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