Free CD of talk by MCM

Ginny Ross, of the Oregon Voter Rights Coalition, made a CD of my remarks in Portland last November, on the subject of (you guessed it) Fooled Again. She’s very kindly making it available for free:

Use this image and link it to “info[at]” if you want to let people know how to request the free audio CD of your lecture that I made. People just need to send a snail address.

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  1. Cool! I’ve already had a dozen requests in the first hour!

    You will really be inspired. You’ll love how everyone cheers when Mark says “…as angering and infuriating as this book is, it’s profoundly exhilarating…because you know why? It makes clear once and for all that WE DIDN’T ELECT THIS GUY! And all those people abroad who said, you know, how can 51 million people be so dumb? — Well we’re not that dumb! And I think we should make that very clear.”


  2. And now it has been reported California’s secretary of state has approved Diebold machines statewide for use in this November’s elections.

    Remember, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is up for re-election, and normally this would be an uphill battle. Now we can be certain he will eke out a “victory” unless there is a huge outcry from the public about the machines.

  3. Funny how they always announce this stuff at like 5 PM on a Friday and Monday’s a holiday!

    Stealthy critters.


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