FEMA's detention camps

From Lisa S.:

I first heard about this on INN World Report (Free Speech TV), February 7 broadcast: http://www.innworldreport.net/#
The report stated there are 800 detention camps throughout the US, staffed, ready for operation, guarded by armed guards, but presently empty. The “official story” is, under the auspices of Homeland Security, FEMA is maintaining these facilities in the “event of a mass influx of illegal immigrants or in case of national emergency”. National emergency however is undefined. I did some research on the ‘net and came up with many hits on the search terms “FEMA camps”. Some hits seemed to be a little nefarious, but there seems to be plenty of discussion at sites frequented by rational critical thinkers.
Quite frankly, this is deeply troubling to me – I have a keen interest in history, with a particular leaning to WWII and the history of Nazi party. I am not buying the official story, especially since there is no definition of what is considered to be a national emergency.
Have you come across any of this and if so, what do you think? If you haven’t, I’ve provided some links that seem to be legit.
Here is an article about the new detention camp contract given to Halliburton:
And here is one on the already existing camps from a libertarian website:

Friends of Liberty – FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS: Locations and Executive Orders
Discussion thread from a UK site:
Article & Discussion at Democrats.com
Article & Discussion on Democratic Underground:

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