Bush's shadow on the Philippines

We in the Philippines Cultural Studies center strongly
endorse and support the statement of the PCPR attached.

E. San Juan, Jr. Philippines Cultural Studies Center
Storrs, CT 06268, USA


Statement of the PCPR (Promotion of Church People’s
Response) condemning the President’s declared state of

Statement on GMA’s Declaration of State of Emergency
February 24, 2006


Around 11:30 am today, Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
declared emergency powers effectively authorizing
warrantless arrests, dispersal of people’s assemblies
and systematic suppression of the Filipino people’s
right to participate in collective actions that go
against Arroyo’s wish to stay in power. Ironically, GMA
issued the proclamation on the very day that the nation
commemorates the 20th year of victory of the people’s
collective action for the ouster of a dictator.

Moments after GMA’s declaration, church people in front
of the multi-sectoral rally along EDSA reported the
picture of its immediate implementation: Priests,
pastors, seminarians, religious sisters and lay members
of Roman Catholic and Protestant congregations were
water cannoned and aggressively pushed by police forces
as they linked arms to maintain their peaceful

We condemn in strongest terms GMA’s Proclamation 1017
which is short of formally declaring Martial rule. Let
us not allow the nation to be thrown into the dark days
when political activists and supporters of people’s
movements demanding regime change are arrested without
warrant, brutally killed and forcibly disappeared; when
freedom of the press is suppressed; and when all
instruments of the state are directed to quell the
dissent of people seeking urgent political and socio-
economic reforms. In fact, even before such
proclamation, GMA’s record of political killings and
violations of civil liberties, especially with her
Calibrated Preemptive Response (CPR) scheme, is now the
worst since the downfall of Marcos.

We call on the governments around the world to withdraw
support to the Arroyo government which proved to be
best in stealing, lying and cheating rather than
governing the nation towards genuine progress and

GMA’s Proclamation 1017 is grossly illegal, immoral and
serves no one but the illegitimate president who
refuses to heed the people’s demand for her to step
down. In her extreme desperation to hold on to power,
GMA ordered the heads of the Armed Forces of the
Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police
(PNP) to implement the force of repression against all
civilians, military forces and politicians perceived to
be part of various movements demanding her ouster.

Contrary to GMA’s speech today that the protesters are
bringing down the economy and creating lawlessness, it
is her corrupt administration that has aggravated the
economic miseries of our people. GMA cheated her way to
victory in the May 2004 elections, using public funds
to secure votes in her favor and rig the election
results. She has now committed another grave crime by
robbing the people again of the least democratic space
they could have enjoyed after the EDSA I and II

To our friends and partners in the international
community, we urge you to speak and act again in
solidarity with the Filipino people in this challenging
period of our life as a nation. To the members of the
AFP and PNP, may you join the ranks of patriotic
officers and elements who side with the people in the
quest truth, justice and meaningful change.


EDSA Spirit Alive as Filipinos Unite in One Call to
Oust Gloria No permit, no rally policy defied

Today, as the nation marks the 20th year of the
people’s victory against the Marcos dictatorship, the
EDSA spirit is very much alive as thousands of
Filipinos congregate at the People Power monument in
Manila as well as various protest centers nationwide
with a single call: Oust Gloria Now! From 8:00 am,
church people from the Roman Catholic and Protestant
congregations gathered towards the People Power
Monument and joined other sectors in defying the
government’s no permit, no rally policy.

Promotion of Church People’s Response (PCPR)

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