AOL vs. free speech

From Norman:

Subject: Stop AOL from blocking our email

I just signed an important online petition because the very existence of civic and political organizing online is under attack by America Online, and we need to fight back quickly.

The petition’s at:

AOL just announced plans to charge groups with large membership lists every time they send an email. Online political groups, issue groups, charities, and other non-profits who have large memberships will essentially be censored off the Internet.

AOL basically wants to blackmail organizations with large email lists. The only way for groups to be sure members receive their emails would be to pay what the New York Times calls the “electronic equivalent of a postage stamp” for each email address every time an email is sent.

If they don’t pay, your emails could go into a black hole-or be “stripped of images and Web links.” If AOL succeeds, other companies will follow-so we need to fight back today.

The petition to AOL is located at:

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