From Vicky Perry:
Please, even though busy, send an email tonight or tomorrow to LDAGHLIAN[at]
Say that the revisions to the voting machines regulations are very disappointing and unacceptable.
The revisions do not spell out how we can safeguard election from fraud. Please select AND THEN CUSTOMIZE from the text below.
Here are some talking points:
  • The entire certification process is hidden from the public.
  • Procedures used to conduct testing, the tests themselves, and the results of such testing should be available to the public should be in the regulations.
  • We are primary stakeholders, and deserve to be included.
  • The State Board should not be allowed to “waive” any testing at its discretion.
  • The revised regulations do not prohibit wired networked connections; just this week we learned about infared wireless connectors on Diebold voting machines.
  • Independent security experts must be able to petition the Board to perform tests.
  • Penalties to vendors for installing uncertified code should be spelled out.
  • Controlled disclosure of source code to independent experts to evaluate source code for vulnerabilities and flaws MUST be allowed.
  • Require for a professional “Red Team” test, whose reports would confirm the accuracy and security of the voting system.
  • We need volume testing; some outlines for comprehensive testing including “Mock Election Tests”.
  • Essential and explicit security standards and specifications are absent.

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