Watch for more election fraud in Texas

where they do all things on a larger scale!

From a friend:

You know something’s up with you’ve got the GOP saying they want 100% of the voters to vote. Since when? DEAD FUCKING GIVEAWAY that something’s amiss. Can the state of the nation’s election system be anymore telling than what is going in Texas at the moment? A used fucking car salesman (and Bush money man) is running elections there. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!?! Unbelievable!!

Secretary of state’s project teaches electronic voting

Jake Rollow
El Paso Times
Friday, January 20, 2006

Texas Secretary of State Roger Williams was in El Paso on Thursday during his kickoff tour of a statewide, yearlong campaign to educate Texans on the use of electronic voting machines.

Except for those voting by mail, all El Paso County voters will cast ballots electronically this year, as they have done since the county converted from paper voting after the 2002 elections.

Other counties are making the change more slowly, and the VOTEXAS campaign aims to ease apprehensions. The campaign will run radio and television announcements and will post information at

The campaign will also take voting machines and educational materials to 40 cities through the year.

“We are giving all Texans the opportunity to see, touch and become comfortable with electronic voting before Election Day,” Williams said. “We want 100 percent of Texans to vote.”

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