The situation in North Carolina

Advocates urge adherence to North Carolina voting code review
Sunday January 15, 2006 (12:00 PM GMT)
By: Jay Lyman

Advocates for transparency in electronic voting systems praise North Carolina’s Public Confidence in Elections law that requires rigorous review of the code used in the state’s certified elections software. They just wish North Carolina elections officials would adhere to the legislation.

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has sued the state’s Board of Elections and Office of IT Services on behalf of voting integrity advocate Joyce McCloy for certifying Diebold systems for use in the state without the legally required review.

While they concede the legislation is perhaps the most rigorous review of e-voting code required in the US — it requires code review based on nine criteria, including code and application security — transparency proponents fear that North Carolina lawmakers will fold under pressure from e-voting system vendors, including Diebold, and undo the requirements.

“The election code [law] is very good on the transparency side,” EFF staff attorney Matt Zimmerman told NewsForge. “It shouldn’t be thrown out because a company can’t comply, and I hope elections officials don’t cringe. This is a very stringent election code — the most stringent in the country. Part of the problem with new [e-voting] systems is that the law, in a lot of places, simply hasn’t caught up to the technology.”

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i have aunts who live in north carolina they talk alot about elections and voting

-they have said the same thing as you have-

~im posting this comment because of a class project~


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