The problem in a nutshell

Re: Reforming the Democrats — Or a Third Party? By Bernard Weiner, The Crisis Papers

Mark-Readers should keep in mind that a major reason the Dems have gone weak-kneed is that they are losing rigged elections. I’m not saying that the Dems don’t have plenty of intrinsic weaknesses and have not substantially sold out to the corporate establishment. But it does have a profound impact on strategy, courage, fortitude, etc. when no matter what you do you get beaten. Make no mistake, these rigged elections are being interpreted by the Dems as well as the media and the public as bigtime referenda saying the American public, for whatever reason, wants nothing to do with liberalism or dissent. You keep touching that hot stove and before long you don’t even want to see the inside of a kitchen. The rigged election impact is that strong and I don’t see how a third party could be any more successful than the Dems until the electoral apparatus is made at least roughly accurate and honest. The value of third party (or independent) candidacies, however, would be some sort of legal standing to challenge electoral results and procedures. This does not require an elaborate third-party movement, just a lot of grassroots participation. See below for this idea as put forth by Dennis Morrisseau.-Jonathan

In a nutshell, then:
We get people to run in every district and state for every US House and Senate seat available in the ’06 elections, e.g. 435 House seats and 33 Senate.

To Run,…… to Run……It is not necessary to win or even to dream of winning. We run in rebellion, as rebellion, as an act of civil disobedience against the gathering darkness. We run for love of country and to save ourselves. Not to join the present Congress . We run AT IT. To model a sane but potent rebellion. As a
theater of rebellion. Intending to break it down and repeople it if we win, with ourselves. It is not necessary to win………….though winning is possible.

If we run in numbers, real numbers, and with all the color and creativity of which we are capable, the beast falls. (We run from all parties and groups AT both Dems and Repugs.)( Run in R or D primaries, then as Independents (whatever) in the general election, or as 3rd party from the get-go.)

The very first thing each of us does after announcing, is to file a lawsuit (built from a single generic action, customised for each district/state) to set aside and restrain all recent elections law, and to restrain the use of any electronic voting or vote counting equipment. Ask each court to order that in this election the old established paper ballot with hand count process be reinstated (that’s easy for a court to do and for elections
officials also). As candidates, we will clearly have “standing ” to do this. And as candidates, we cannot be stopped from publicizing what we’re doing and why. We can holler and yell “They’re stealing elections in America!” as long and hard as we wish, no matter what the judge says……and this cry will be heard. ( Recent polls show astounding public concern re vote fraud by machine rigging.) Everyone understands what it means, if the fucks in power can steal our votes! We don’t gotta explain that!

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I’m not sure that any particular analysis is definitive, largely due to the lack of credible information, and hence, lack of solidarity among any/all opposed to the current direction Establishment power is moving in. –Because let’s face it, it certainly seems as though none of the influential players are remotely opposed. And the ones who are – and there must be some – they’re clearly fearful enough to keep a lid on it.

Stop and think about that; stop and consider just how many “Establishment” people know the truth about the 2000 election, 9/11, the phony “war on terror,” the subversion of our constitution and international law, the subsequent elections, on and on, scandal upon scandal…stop and imagine all of the people who KNOW the truth, yet actively, consciously LIE to the world about it, every single day, with their every breath.

So long as the false perception is maintained, than apparently no crime has been committed. And the greater the number of people who succumb to this sickness of Power, the greater the cultural reinforcement, and, throughout American cities and communities, the more reasonable the falsehoods become: Bush won fair and square. Saudis with box cutters thwarted our trillion dollar defense system on 9/11. Torture is reasonable. War is peace… get the idea; every single absurd twist of reality ‘just happens to’ benefit Establishment power.

This is a mass illness that denies obvious facts while attacking anyone who dares say otherwise, and it’s coming from all levels, all directions of society —do you really believe any good is going to come from this? You are living in a fascist country that, as of yet, cannot be honest about its own intentions and actions. Do you realize just how insanely fucking dangerous all of this is?

Sorry, but you are seriously deluded if you honestly believe ANY change is possible “through/within the system.” If you ever get a dem prez again, it’ll only be for show, as was w/Clinton, to put a “friendlier” face on the fascism, likely to quell potential public uprisings, which they’ll contend with when they have to, but would rather use propaganda to sedate the sheep and get the sheep’s support. However, we’re seeing that such attemtps are failing miserably, and they can’t keep things afloat in this state much longer, which is exactly why they’ll stage another psyops “terror” attack. And I’m afraid until enough people realize exactly what we’re up against, what the world is up against, then those divided within the lefty/dem/progressive side[which is by and large just decent, honest, average people] will fail to have the required display of opposition and solidarity because many of them are still in absolute denial over the magnitude of this horror show.

You think the patriot act is in place to deal with “terrorists?” Only a fool would. Why are the disenfranchised here called “gangs,” while in other countries they’re referred to as “terrorists?” Not for long. Our entire system has been poisoned. It’s all over, or, the fantasy unreality perception of it is. It’s just a matter of the illusion playing out it’s final string as more and more ‘wake up.’ And so long as it’s small pockets of patriots and dissidents literally fighting here and there, the system, with the “law” on its side, will easily win, with our press referring to any public uprising as “aiding the terrorists.” They’ll stage incidents themselves, as usual, and blame it on their most direct threat – anyone HERE in the states who oppose their fascism. And the right, along with their throngs of bloodlusting civic lap dogs will squeal with exclamation, “See! They can’t win elections FAIRLY, so the hateful liberals resort to violence!” They’ll create a “reality” TV show where lucky, Bush-lovin zombie fuckwits will get their shot at torturin’ a LEFTY!…to death. It’ll have number one ratings in this good, Christian country. Afterall, it’ll help Big Brother to “fight the terrorists.”

Change from within? Keep dreamin, cause that plan is dead in the ground fucked. I know that prospect scares the shit outta you more middle of the road, ‘well-to-do’ trendy/yuppy suburban dems, but bear this in mind: throughout history, human beings have discovered self reliance and a situational resilience when thrust into awful circumstances…which usually stems from a pitiful lack of awareness to what is so blatantly obvious that a child’s deductive reasoning skills should’ve sufficed to realize 2+2=5….however.

You’re familiar with those ‘nutty’ militia types that all those yrs you wondered about, like, what the hell are they gearing up for?.. well, I do believe more of you “conspiracy” naysaying, on-the-fence dems are now finally getting a dose of the reality of the situation. The name brand dems are all a part of the larger strategy, and for the ones who don’t want to “go along,” I’m sure they have their master’s warnings with blackmail and other nasty potentials in the offing should they step out of line.

The real “nutshell” problem here, as it were, is that people in this country are in a state of absurd historical denial regarding how human beings are capable of horrendous, unfathomable acts of injustice and evil, so they quickly denounce “conspiracy theories” that hurt their brains and souls when they even get close to researching the facts, connecting the dots, in short, even thinking about it. Never underestimate the power of denial. Wake up from your sleep, it’s your soul you want to keep.

The root of the problem is our current system of government, which not only enables but encourages all players to sell out to the highest bidders.

Our elected officials in federal government, regardless of so-called party affiliation, all represent the big money that gets them elected and keeps them their.

How else can you explain the current state of affairs, and everyone’s short-sighted complaints that Democrats have no backbone.

No…they just don’t represent thier constituents, but rather the big donors to thier career aspirations.

It’s all so easy to see and understand.

It’s the system…not the people who naturally exploit it. They all naturally do. Wouldn’t you?

But it’s up to the congress to change campaign finance laws. They never will…to cut off the very gravy train that they enjoy and depend on.

It’s the system stupid!

Fresno, CA

I appreciate all the warts on the Democratic Party, however, the point on losing rigged elections is so important, that it must not be overlooked. We have to use every possible means of getting that message out. This is the appropriate time to be writing Democratic leaders, and I’m sure they’re tired of hearing from me. We must make our voices heard regarding election reform and the incompetency and corruption of this lying government. Challenge the “conventional wisdom” at every opportunity.

No. The problem is not that the Dems are losing rigged elections. The problem is the Dems are losing elections. Period. This election conspiracy prattle is crap. The Dems are losing because they SUCK.

Sorry, “anonymous,” but it is you who are full of crap.

Denial of the obvious is a killer. The administration does what it does because it can–it MUST, for demographics are against the Republican Party surviving in the long run.

The big problem is our system of government cannot withstand this assault, which is nothing short than fascism.

People like you are the problem because you cannot face reality.

Cliff said ~ “It’s the system…not the people who naturally exploit it. They all naturally do. Wouldn’t you?…It’s the system stupid!”

I understand the obvious point; $ = power, I think everyone realizes that. However, there’s a sinister ideological impetus driving the situation as well, and sans that crucial aspect, I seriously doubt we’d be where we are.

I’ve thought about your question, “wouldn’t you?;” for instance, if you or I, anyone you know, happened to have been born into a life tailored with aspirations toward Establishment position of one degree or another [a broad term, I know, but to make a point..], is it not a natural inclanation of human beings to abuse the power of that position?
Yes. Which is why checks and balance are required. No one is saintly.

That being said though, I wholeheartedly disagree that there is this acceptable division between discerning individual and systematic failure.

Systems are comprised of thinking, moral, acting individuals who are responsible for their actions and inactions. To dodge the obvious and say, “it’s the system, stupid,” is akin to assigning the blame to a process utterly detached from us, devoid of human movement and measure, and that’s simply not the case.

At this point, I’m sure that few are holding out for a complete overhaul and would gladly settle for at least some checks and balances before we see further wars, and an even more rigidly defined chasm between the world’s have’s and have nots.

Problem is, again, there’s an ideology fueling this right wing movement, it’s carried over into every policy, and no one seens capable of enforcing any accountability. To make it worse, those calling the shots in this movement are obviously “going for broke” and seem to care less about the legal and moral debauchery–that should give you an indication as to just how far they’re willing to take us to the brink. It’s not merely money and an out of control “system” that’s driving it.

There are two kinds of Bush supporters:
1) Those in the dark.
2) Those of the dark.

I face reality just fine, Susan. I’m educated enough to know crackpot conspiracy theories when I see them.

Actually, by common standard and application, a “good education” serves to prevent many people from discerning such theories.

By internalizing hypocritical, profits-over-people values that the entire system is founded upon, this makes honestly confronting the facts of elementary, institutional analysis nigh impossible, because the facts simply do not jive with the required mass-justification of euphemistic illusions needed to disguise the truth.

Over time, if enough people all believe the same lies, then any evidence to the contrary is roundly ignored or attacked once those facts can no longer be so easily dismissed.

This is why a lot of institutional analysis is deemed “conspiracy theory;” to reinforce in the public mind the fallacy that such “conspiracies” – any two or more people doing something immoral or illegal – are merely theoretical.

All of this results in many very official, competent, professional looking people who serve nefarious ends through ignorance and apathy, because the surface image satifies and sedates, because over time, enough have accepted the premise, internalized it consciously/unconsciously. If millions of people believe in a lie, it’s still a lie. Strength in familiar perceptions is actually the downfall.

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