The latest from Pennsylvania

Two important items here from Pennsyvania:

1. An open letter to the governor

2. Announcement of a major rally on Jan. 17

Dear elected representatives,
Last Thursday, January 12, 2006, Governor Bill Richardson showed true leadership for his stateÕs citizens, in a move we applaud and look for you to emulate. By announcing his plan to introduce legislation next week to make New Mexico an all-verifiable-paper-ballot state, the governor demonstrated bold leadership and a willingness to advocate for a voting system that allows citizens to cast their votes with confidence. We are looking for no less than the same type of leadership from our Pennsylvania officials.
His action will accomplish something extremely important. By mandating the use of optical scan paper ballots in all their state elections, then the documented to be inaccurate, unreliable and insecure touchscreen voting machines that produce no voter-verifiable and auditable paper record will be a thing of the past. His proposal is a great victory for upholding our American democratic principle of voting integrity. The catalyst for his decision was their recent lawsuit filed to restrain officials from purchase of additional problematic touchscreen machines.
We are not alone in protesting machines that do not insure our votes are reliably counted. Our own federal governmentÕs investigative Government Accountability Office (GAO), in its September 2005 report, found that Òelection officials, computer security expertsÉ. and others have raised significant concerns about the security and reliability of electronic voting systems, citing instances of weak security controls, system design flaws,Éinadequate security testing, incorrect system configuration, poor security management, and vague or incomplete standards, among other issuesÉ.The security and reliability concerns raised in recent reports merit the focused attention of federal, state, and local authorities responsible for election administration.Ó
We expect you, as our elected officials and servants of the people, to do your job and put our welfare above those of moneyed corporate interests, who stand to profit from millions of taxpayer dollars. We expect you to avail yourselves of the extensively researched facts concerning the advantages and disadvantages of the voting systems, as directed by our own federal government. In the face of all the huge disadvantages demonstrated by touchscreen machines, the most glaring one being that they are not auditable and no recounts can be done in case of election discrepancies, we are extremely perplexed and greatly alarmed that officials are even considering them. No one, vendors or officials, have demonstrated a willingness to debate the merits of the voting systems.
Follow the lead of our own Senator Conti and Representative Frankel, who both have introduced legislation that would require auditable voter paper ballots (SB 977 and HB 2000). Actively push for those resolutions, and make it happen. We challenge you to do whatÕs best for the people who elected you. Follow Governor Richardson and other governors around the nation who have realized that, after their extremely expensive mistakes concerning initial uses of the electronic machines, theyÕve found the best voting systems to guarantee the integrity of our votes. There is a chance for Pennsylvania to avert the same expensive mistakes. Please stop the insane rush to meet an arbitrary deadline with unprovable voting and questionable machines. We should not be forced to vote on machines which have any doubt as to security and reliability. The only immediate answer until this issue of security can be addressed is a way to verify actual votes, not a facsimile or byte in a computer. We must have verified-voter-paper-ballots now!
Mary Ann Gould
Coalition for Voting Integrity

Coalition for Voting Integrity

Coalition for Voting Integrity Announces
An American Patriot Rally to Rededicate Our Democracy
Perkasie, PA Jan 17, 2006 The Coalition for Voting Integrity will sponsor a rally at the Pennridge Central Middle School in Perkasie at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, January 17 to rededicate our Democracy, defend the principals on which this country was founded and preserve the sanctity of our vote.
The Event

Paul Revere, portrayed by nationally-known 18th century historian and orator, Robert Gerenser, will be the featured speaker as he delivers to the crowd and the citizens of Bucks County a warning of the danger facing our Democracy. “It was my job in the American Revolution to alert the countryside of the imminent attack of the British,” ‘Revere’ said. “Our voting rights are under similar assault today unless we have a transparent voting process that ensures that every vote counts as intended by the voter.”
Other speakers scheduled to participate include Mary Ann Gould, co-founder of the Coalition for Voting Integrity; a former Bucks County Commissioner, who will speak as a representative of the seven former County Commissioners, (both Democrats and Republicans) who signed a resolution supporting the immediate passage of HB 2000 and SB 977, the two voter-verified paper ballot bills currently in the PA state legislature and urged Bucks County to pu
rchase a voting system to a
ccommodate them; and State Senator Joe Conti , author of SB 97, is being invited to discuss his bill requiring voter verified paper ballots. We are awaiting confirmation of his availability to attend.
The theme of the event is that we modern Americans are being asked by our founders to protect the Democracy they established on these shores. Paul Revere will begin his trip to the rally on horseback and end it in a car. A fife and drum will accompany his arrival. Audience members will be invited to participate in a referendum vote, using paper ballots, to either affirm or deny the statement: “I support voter-verifed paper ballots.” In a candlelight ceremony, Paul Revere will pass the torch of freedom and vigilance to present-day Americans. Audience members will be asked to participate and patriotic songs will be sung.
The Message
The message of this rally will be clear:
No Paper. No Proof. No Way!
Politicians are fond of saying that the buck stops here. We the people will let them know that the buck starts here, at the grassroots and that we remember the words of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who said, “Let us never forget that government is ourselves.”
Coalition for Voting Integrity
The CVI is a non-partisan citizens’ action group dedicated to the integrity of our voting system, thus guaranteeing that each and every vote is recorded/counted/reported fully and accurately . . . with proof.
Coalition for Voting Integrity
phone: 215.588.8518

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Everyone needs to beware of shouting fire too loudly in a crowded theater..

Voting machine problems and fraud can now be caught through multiple procedural, legal and other means
Black Box Voting

The voting machines that are replacing many of the worst, IE: DREs and so on, have now passed laws for random audits and other neccesary legislation.

I agree that it is still a serious situation, but beware of over-reacting also. It is steadily being rectified and then there is HAVA, which commissioners are now delaying, and putting the breaks on insecure machines.

Multiple regressional analyses can now be done to detect fraud, errors, and stage recounts

Such has already been practiced in primary elections. The voting machine problem is widespread but don’t go off into the sunset and be continually negative Kat, it really will turn out that bad if you feed it energy like that.

As we all know, states are being forced to pass tests to ensure their method of voting, and all except the most corrupt states like Florida, are adopting strict solutions to the voting fraud problem which happened in 2005.

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