The fight to save democracy resumes on Monday

From Sheila:
Dear Resisters,

We are doing Amazonian work. We are succeeding. I am expecting more miracles.

Thanks to us the mailboxes of the senators’ phone lines are filled. We don’t need to call them this weekend (YAY, a little rest time). We need to start calling them again on Monday.

I don’t know whether their fax machines are filled or not and I don’t have a fax. If someone could test the waters on that and get back to Mark, that would be very good.

The DNC phone is also filled. We need to call them also, but on Monday: 202-863-8000. Their fax number is 202-863-8063. No money ever again unless there is a filibuster

I did get through this morning (Saturday, 1/29) to the DSCC (Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee) phone – 202-224-2447. Their fax is 202-969-0354.Their email is info[at] No money ever again unless there is a filibuster.

I am ambivalent about making a list of which senators to concentrate on, because what if we pick the wrong senators. And I like the idea of people following their own hearts, minds, intuition about who to call. On the other hand, people have information sometimes about who to focus on and what is happening right then that we all need to hear.That being said, my own short list so far are Biden, – (tell him he will never be president if he does not filibuster;not clear yet whether he is undecided about filibuster or is against) and Inouye (only democratic in gang of 14 to vote against Roberts and will vote against Alito)

I am wondering if we can get it together by Sunday at say about 5PM to have vigils/standouts all over the country demanding a filibuster and am talking with others about this.

I know there are many reasons why Alito does not belong on the Supreme Court, but a very visible symbol would be for each one of us to carry a hanger – the symbol of women dying in back alley abortions, often done with coat hangers, when abortions were illegal.

Sheila, proudly here in Boston

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