Some good signs in Arizona

Great News! Ted Downing let me know late last night that his first two election integrity bills have been numbered (HB 2635 and 2638). Accordingly, I have copied them into the bottom of this email for your perusal. Fortunately, there is bi-partisan participation in this important effort, which is, after all, an AMERICAN issue, equally alarming to honest Republicans and Democrats, and Ted is to be commended for working across party lines to right this wrong. Ted reports that “The political situation is complicated, but I am working directly with Karen Johnson, Jack Harper, and others on possible bills or, best of all, folding language and ideas into her bill. “

I also want to take the time here to thank all of the election integrity activists who are working night and day to raise public awareness to this issue, and apply public pressure to get elected officials to take it seriously. Thanks, from the bottom of all of our hearts.

ACTION: a thank you

Please send Ted Downing a brief note of thanks. He is getting very little sleep, and working more than full time on our behalf, and deserves to know there is wide-spread support for his efforts. ( )

Please send co-sponsors Steve Gallardo and Phil Lopes , both Democrats, a brief note of thanks.

Please send Karen Johnson and Jack Harper your appreciation for working across the aisle with Ted Downing on this TRANS-PARTISAN American civic issue. ( * )

ACTION: ask your representatives to sign on as co-sponsors
Please send an urgent request for your representative and senator to actively join Rep. Ted Downing, Sen. Karen Johnson (R), and Sen. Jack Harper (R) to restore public confidence in the electoral process. Sen. Johnson’s bill is not yet complete, but she is working with Ted to incorporate language from his 2005 bills. One of our colleagues who did so recently received word back from their representative that they did not even know of this effort, and would meet with the three – AND did not know about the Progressive Caucus.

On our website, in the section entitled “Support our elected progressives,” there is a button entitled : “track bills, contact legislators.” Click that, and when you get to the legislative page, there is a link entitled, “How do I find my Legislators?” simply enter your zip code, and “voila: your elected representatives! Simple. (Same process works on the Senate page.)

And, if you believe your representative or senator might be interested in joining the progressive caucus, please invite them to go to our website to sign up for updates. Have them contact Rep. Downing about furthering the legislative progressive caucus, and contact me ( ) to be added under “Profiles in courage” on the AZDPC website.

Soon, we will be asking for regular updates from these progressive elected officials, through our caucus, to all of you, their consituents, on the important work they do on our behalf. This way we can provide support with research, issue promotion, public meetings, and the like.

ACTION: Welcome new Democratic Senator Aboud and ask her to participate.

We have a new Democratic senator from LD28, a hard-working Democrat whom most of us know, Paula Aboud. She has been assigned to Appropriations, Commerce and Economic Development, and Government Accountability and Reform.

Although she is brand-new on the job, beyond congratulating her on her new post and offering her any assistance she may need, I hope you will also ask her to work with Senators Johnson and Harper to move this issue forward.

In addition to working on other issues of interest to us as progressives, on electoral reform, Paula has has already signed on to co-sponsor a bill allowing a mail-in-ballot only election by any jursidiction (SB1108), a bill to institute a permanent list of persons who wish to vote by mail (SB1106), and one to require that if someone requests an early ballot in one election, they automatically be sent for the following two.

These bills above are also sponsored by Sen. Harry Mitchell, who has assumed the leadership of our party, and also chairs the election integrity commission requested by the party by unanimous vote in July (thank you, Harry), and by Sen. Ben Miranda, Minority Whip. This work is important, but is not sufficient to prevent election fraud.

Please contact them and request they also work with Republican Senators Johnson and Harper to co-sponsor strong election integrity legislation.


We (AZDPC) want to track the response you are getting from your representatives on this issue, so please email me when you find out if they are supportive, or not.

Thanks so much for all you do.

In peace and solidarity,
Gerry and Sherry

Rev. Gerry Straatemeier, MSW, and Sherry Bohlen
Co-Chairs, AZ Democratic Progressive Caucus

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