Say NO to Alito, damn it!

Emergency Action Needed!!!!

NOW is working very hard to be a voice for women’s rights with our Senate leadership and keep the Supreme Court from becoming ultra-conservative. NOW members and activists from around the country have been at NOW headquarters in D.C. working 24/7.

The newspapers say there hasn’t been enough “opposition.” What happens on the Supreme Court is a reflection of either a completely weakened Democratic Party or the will of the American people. It is not looking good for those of us who hold dear the long-fought legal advancements made in women’s, civil and worker’s rights — but there is one last thing you all can do. Get on your phones immediately and call Seantors Schumer and Clinton and tell them to request a “one week delay” of the Judiciary Committee vote. They must be granted this request. It is mandatory that they are granted the delay, just for the asking. Also, tell them that they must not let the democratic leadership allow for a “time certain” vote on the floor.

This is our last chance for a Filibuster. If we can’t get a Filibuster, we will be stuck with Alito on the Supreme Court. The one week delay will give us time to get a Filibuster, but without it, essentially a NO vote is not good enough. Please do this immediately, even though it is the weekend, leave a message on their phone. If their phone are shut off, fax them or email them. Don’t delay. this needs to be done immediately!

Dear Senator Schumer:
Having closely followed the hearings for Samuel Alito’s confirmation, I am writing to ask you to do everything you can to stop his confirmation. I believe his unquestioning support of executive power amounts to extraordinary circumstance. Please request a “one week delay” of the Judiciary Committee vote on Samuel Alito’s nomination; and please do not agree to a “time certain” vote on the floor. In the longer term, please work for a filibuster of Judge Alito’s nomination, and should that fail, please vote “no” on his nomination. Thank you in advance for upholding the Constitution.

Senator Charles Schumer
202-224-6542; 212-486-7693
757 3rd Ave. #1702
NY, NY 10017 (email)

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
780 3rd Ave. #2601
NY, NY 10017 (email)

NOW-NYC Demonstration at the New York City Democratic National Committee
Take an hour to take a stand!
Let’s send a message to the DNC – Don’t Sell Us Out!
Wednesday, January 18th
12pm, 60 Madison Ave. (between 27th & 28th St.)

We Need You!

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