Prof. Lance DeHaven-Smith

You may recall the article I circulated/posted recently, about the new report by this professor, offering further confirmation of the fact that Gore won Florida in 2000. It’s a very solid piece of work. I wrote to him to thank him, and he replied with this great email, which includes some references to other of his writings.


Dear Professor Miller,

Thank you for your thoughtful letter. Your encouragement means a great deal to me, because I know what an outstanding scholar you are and how important you have been to the struggling movement for election reform in the United States. I have read with great interest and much admiration all of your books, including not only your most recent (Fooled Again), but also Cruel and Unusual and The Bush Dyslexicon. The latter was very helpful to me in the early stages of the Bush Administration when I was first trying to make sense of the 2000 election and the failure in its wake investigate possible crimes by election officials in Florida and to truly reform election laws in Florida and nationally. Your book raised my awareness of what kind of person George W. Bush really is. Like most people in the United States, I had initially dismissed Bush’s bizarre comments, verbal slips, and word-mangling as humorous but unimportant. The Bush Dyslexicon opened my eyes to the true meaning of Bush’s manner of (mis)speaking.

I read Fooled Again just a few weeks ago. It’s a great read and a great work of scholarship. I am amazed at your ability to assemble and synthesize so much information. I am even more amazed that you can take all of the details and complexities of recent elections and election reforms, and make them so clear and understandable to the average person without losing any of the nuances. American democracy is fortunate to have such a gifted scholar on its side.

I was especially impressed by the insights of Fooled Again into the elections here in Florida. I study Florida government and politics, and I have been following the state’s “election reforms” very closely, so I know of what I speak. Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris, Glenda Hood, and others in Jeb’s administration have been using very sophisticated and devious tactics to corrupt election administration, but most journalists and not a few scholars have failed to recognize what is going on. I have been trying to arouse public concern about election tampering in my public speaking and in a few op-ed articles in state newspapers, but it has been difficult to arouse much public interest because the Republican machine in Florida has been very effective in stifling dissent, putting out disinformation, silencing leakers, etc. So when I saw that you had written a new book and that it was on the 2004 election, I hoped that you would expose the situation to a national audience. I was not disappointed. You got it all-the many errors produced by touch-screen machines, the political connections of the touch-screen companies, the far-flung program of voter suppression, the use of technicalities to throw out voter registration forms, the flawed felon-disenfranchisement program, the Governor’s lies about it, and much more. You presented a thorough and fully documented case that officials at the highest levels of Florida government have been working against the electorate rather than for it.

Thank you again for your letter and also for posting information about my research on your blog. You may also be interested in a couple of op-ed articles expressing my doubts about the official election results in 2004. “Show Us the Votes” was published in the Tallahassee Democrat shortly after the election. “Massive Fraud” appeared in the Miami Herald early in 2005.

Lance d-S

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