Paper ballots are the choice of most Americans!


From Rob Kall:


The poll results are in. I'm just starting to distill them.

The first results are astounding, including 80+ support for paper ballots and government vs. privatized ownership of Election technology and voter registration.

Regarding the Santorum race, Casey's numbers tank when people find out about his positions-- and it's a certainty that Santorum will make sure they know Casey's positions. Both liberal candidates, once positions are known, draw a bigger percentage of responders than Casey.

Here's the link.

*OpEdNews.Com/ Zogby People's Poll -- Casey Plummets When His Positions are Known, Santorum Loses to All Democratic Candidates, Paper Ballots Soar, Privatized Vote Gets Big No, Impeach Bush if He's Guilty... lots more.

There's a link in the article to an action page that makes it easy to tell your local paper to cover it. Tell your favorite progressive media to carry it too.


Rob Kall

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