On denial

Paul Lehto on those who need to call us “bat shait [sic] crazy”:
Given the near universal treatment by the parties and the press on both the Left and the Right that fancy themselves “responsible,” can we now “understand” (as in “able to explain, without justifying”) why the Soviets placed dissidents in mental hospitals? Here’s why: If you challenge beliefs that are very widespread and fundamental then the system can not deal with it, and concludes that the dissident must be crazy and in need of hospitalization.
And then, once hospitalized, as a matter of true fact (‘ve represented people and gotten them out of mental hospitals) as a patient any anger you may show, or questioning of one’s status, or refusal to accept one’s “disagnosis”, or “uppity” behavior generally is then regarded as simply more evidence of a deteriorating mental condition and “decompensation” of the mental patient.

The perfect Catch-22 occurs when you are wrongly diagnosed with a particular mental condition (or if you are not even mentally ill at all) in which case one’s failure to fully accept the lie of your diagnosis or else making the decision to challenge the terms of your detention is simply cause to send you back to the mental hospital for even more intensive “treatment.”

That being said, it’s really not all that bad in talking to people. Almost all of those “against” us are totally unprepared with facts, they counter mainly with belief. There are also many people ready to listen and who are in fact listening, and many more who will look at you and wonder why it took you so long to figure it all out.

But for those other many who find their fundamental beliefs challenged by information about the abysmal state of our elections, you will find those person’s minds running away from a fair analysis of the information presented about as fast as most people would run away from a mental hospital stay. As I like to say, our system will not be preserved by maintaining a panglossian confidence in it, our system, like freedom itself, is maintained by being vigilant and skeptical in its defense.

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