More war in the works??

January 22, 2006
More War in the Works?
By Paul Craig Roberts
2006 is a dangerous year for Americans. The Bill of Rights and Americans’ civil liberties are being sacrificed on the altar of unaccountable executive power, as is the separation of powers, the foundation of our constitutional system.

The Supreme Court is being packed with a majority that favors more expansive executive rule.

The economy is in danger as the real estate boom unwinds and reduces the asset base of consumer demand.

Political money scandals and evidence of Republican vote fraud in the 2004 presidential election threaten to undermine confidence in American democracy, which President Bush is committed to export by force of arms to the world.

The Republican plan for amnesty for millions of illegal aliens looms as the final blow to US borders and the concept of US citizenship.

Perhaps the greatest threat of all is Israel’s determination to attack Iran, either directly or indirectly through its surrogate, the Bush administration.

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