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From Earl:

I couldn’t agree with you more, which is why massive organizing on the grass roots level is required.

The Leon County Florida hack of Diebold’s Central Tabulator on 12/13/05 (which our “Votergate” documentary team shot and facilitated by providing the hacker, Harri Hursti) was featured in the Sunday, NY Times editorial of 12/18. The hack was also carried by AP, leading to national and regional coverage including USA Today.

Credible actions like our hack fuel the election reform movement, engage and enrage otherwise quiet citizens, stimulate legislators, and alert establishment entities to the realities you so eloquently describe in your response to Tom Englehardt.

More and more of us are organizing for election reform, peace, social, economic, environmental justice, and true democracy. Our ranks are swelling as never before. As Paul Hawken has demonstrated, this is happening worldwide, and it’s happening in unprecedented numbers. Change will come from the bottom up. It always has. It always will.

Alas, this administration will do anything to consolidate power. Do not underestimate the number of wildcards they hold. Bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities is now rumored in Washington and in Europe. Another domestic terrorist attack could befall us. Jonathan, should something of that magnitude happen, the result could be, “the full-blown nightmare of American fascism come true” that you describe.

As Americans, organizing to save democracy at home remains our best and only recourse. This administration has clearly lost respect abroad. It’s incumbent upon us to demonstrate to the world that Americans are not in lockstep with our administration. World opinion coupled with massive dissent at home is the one wildcard that can trump everything. The stakes have never been higher. The more engaged citizens we bring to the table, the better our odds to win back our stolen democracy.

So ante up, take courage and organize like there is no tomorrow — or there might not be one.


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