MCM on the Daily Show

Watch the clip here.

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Mark – why did you seem so irritated? Certainly you know what the Daily Show does in interviews.

I wasn’t really irritated. I was acting.

They shot over an hour of footage. We often had to stop because we all kept cracking up.

How about asking Jon Stewart to come on his show and talk about your new book. It would be worth it just to get his reaction.

I agree with Anonymous…now you should get a shot at Guest Appearance with your new book! You were great fun to watch. I always wondered how they did that segment…would love an inside scoop!

Yes! The Daily Show needs to hear from MCM about election fraud. Jon Stewart actually can ask quite pointed questions.

Hey, whatever y’all can do to make that happen, kindly do it. TDS has a copy of the book. They told my publicist they’d have me on “when there’s a big story in the news” about election fraud. Considering how likely THAT is, it was not a very heartening promise.

Also I gave a copy of the book to the producer of the segment that I did with Helms. I’m sure he’s put a word in for me, as he seemed to be a guy who gets it. But maybe hearing from the audience would make the crucial difference…

You were a great actor. I went looking for more info about your appearance there,and I especially loved the part they showed during the credits, “will you stop that so I can finish my point?” (or words to that effect?)
Wouldn’t it *be* a big story if you were on The Daily Show with your book?

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