Let's all FOLLOW that money!!

How much of Abramoff’s largesse was used to steal the 2004 election? As we learned back during Watergate, electoral malfeasance takes an awful lot of laundered cash. (“A million? We could get that,” as Nixon put it to John Dean.) What’s up with all those “campaign contributions”
mentioned here?

What was the source of the money paid to Nathan Sproul, to run those bogus voter-registration drives from coast to coast? What about the money that the RNC spent on “the Mighty Texas Strike Force,” whose members bullied and or disinformed so many would-be voters in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania? That sort of thing does not come cheap.

Let’s look into it, and see what we can find. Such research could blow the whole Bush/Cheney juggernaut sky-high.


Abramoff Pleads Guilty to 3 Felony Charges
Plea Bargain Settles One of Two Fraud Cases Against Lobbyist
By William Branigin and James V. Grimaldi
Washington Post Staff Writers
Tuesday, January 3, 2006; 1:06 PM

Former high-powered lobbyist Jack Abramoff pleaded guilty today to three felony charges in a deal with federal prosecutors that helps clear the way for his testimony about members of Congress and congressional staffers in a wide-ranging political corruption investigation.
Abramoff appeared in U.S. District Court in Washington early this afternoon to plead guilty to three counts charging him with conspiracy, mail fraud and tax evasion.

The plea bargain settles one of two fraud and corruption cases against Abramoff, involving charges stemming from his lobbying activities in Washington on behalf of Native American tribes. The other case, arising from an indictment in Miami in connection with the purchase of a fleet of casino cruise ships, is expected to be settled by another plea agreement.

The purpose of the conspiracy by Abramoff and co-defendants was “to enrich themselves by obtaining substantial funds from their clients through fraud and concealment,” according to a criminal information document outlining the charges.

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