I'll be on "The Daily Show" tonight…

but not to talk about election fraud!


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  1. not to talk about election fraud? WHAT?? Oh please tell me that’s a joke – the world needs to hear the truth!

  2. I caught you on TDS. You were kinda lame. Not gonna buy anymore of your books. The Bush Dyslexicon was only lame on occaision but I just can’t support someone who takes themselves that seriously. And no, the reason I didn’t love the Bush dyslexicon wasn’t because it didn’t have enough funny Bush quotes. Lighten up and you’ll enjoy yourself more, and yes, Bush ruining world…blah, blah, blah, blah. Smile!

  3. Hey Ray,

    It’s called television. Or, for you, “TEE-vee”.

    Think he might have been in on it?

    Keep your erudite comments coming. I predict they’re going to continue to amuse us.


  4. Dickheadishness simply manifests in natural abundance with some. Sad, really.

    Albert Brooks….eh?, I was wondering the same. Someone didn’t want Mark on? Not surprising. Sorta like imagining David Ray Griffin on Good Morning America!

    Albert Brooks…Defending Your Illusory Democracy. Could make an entertaining film.

    A fervent Bush Bot dies, and along the lines of the A.Brooks film, is forced into a transitional period of “spiritual awakening” to one’s own folly before being allowed to proceed in the afterlife. The right winger would be shown “existential video clips” of some of his crucially worst moments and not-so-bright moves.

    Substantively, the clips would necessarily illustrate the right winger’s deeply flawed blunders by showing the Bushy neocon gang, along with corporate and pentagon ghouls conversing, plotting, patting each other on the back, chortling and guffawing over how easily-led their supporters are, how fun it is to deceive them into supporting fascism, global tyranny and mass murder.

    Then cut to a clip of said right winger belligerently arguing with an “America hating” dissident over how Bush is “keeping us safe,” “containing the fight over there so it’s not over here,” and other golden gems.


  5. In case anyone’s wondering, Mark was on the other night, which repeated earlier tonight. TDS runs a few times throughout the morning/noon, and again before tomorrow night’s new episode, so from that, one of those broadcasts is sure to be the one.

    Anyone see it? How was the crowd response – enthusiastic or tentative? Either way, good deal Mark, that show obviously reaches many people.

  6. Hi Mark
    I stop by just to comment that I put your WCW Bush Step Down audio ad on my Blog. USA politics has evolved into a frequent topic on it and I have some readers from the states too -so, I decided to help spread the word-.

    Besides, everyone counts.

    Maximum respect,

    @ Venezuela.

    P.S. I’ll make some noise from here too. I had high hopes that it sounds loud enough to get there :D

    I listened to your ad on The Majority Report, via podcasting.

  7. Now I get it. When I heard Mark was going to be on TDA, I thought that meant he was going to be the guest, ha, so I was thrown a bit by the “but not to discuss election fraud” remark, as in, how in the world are they having him on not to discuss his latest book?

    Oh Mark, you “tweedy know-it-all” you!

    Little did the “interviewer” know that Mark bears a rather impressive chest tattoo himself; a tasteful rendition of Dennis Hopper on his hog a la “Easy Rider,” flipping off the Hee Haw clan. When he flexes his pecks, Dennis’ bird-flipping hand is emphasized. It’s a gas!

    I got a kick outta how when he appears, TDS credits his book, “Boxed In,” underneath him…so those watching, many of which likely haven’t a clue as to who Mark is, think that’s his most reconizable, far-reaching work. Or at least gives the impression that it’s his most recent work.

    Shame on TDS.

    It would be interesting to know who/how the show’s producers settled on the idea of using Mark for that spot to begin with…not as far of a winter’s drive for Chomsky? Anyone see that episode of Penn & Teller’s BS on American college/education mediocrity? They did a real hack job on him…but again, one wonders how/why Chomsky would even agree to participate, given he probably figured that, even if the producers assured him otherwise, that they’d use him as the butt of a joke. Guess he banked on the likelihood of most Penn & Teller viewers not being big readers of his work anyway, so, grab a little boob tube exposure in a climate largely void of offers, be a good sport about it. Still…..

    I’m hoping that if Sundance Channel brings back the AA segment, they’ll showcase dynamic duo Mark and the wonderful Janeane Garofalo instead of Al.

  8. I am still trying to figure out the TDS thing. Was he on or not? Where can we see and download it?

    The thing many people don’t know, though, is how brilliant a speaker MCM is. I thought being an excellent writer and scholar was his thing, but you should really hear him because he’s phenomenal. He really should be on radio with his own show. Frankly, I’d prefer TV, because I love that permanent 5 day beard look. Main thing is, after 5 years of listening to the most vile and disgusting butchery of the english language coming from the Orwellians and the troglodyte cretin Bush, hearing MCM speak can restore your faith in our spoken language to convey reason, precision, and deep intellect.

    Oh, and did I mention I am offering CD’s of his Fooled Again lectures? :-) Sort of an inside joke….

    But actually, I am preparing to offer them, but not really for sale. I am just trying to help get the word out. Once I correct a few flaws and get the clips converted to MP3 I will be posting them here and also offering to send CDs as well.

    I am working to get these out via the Democracy for America network and also through SolarBus.

    By the way, does anyone have a link for the audio clip that Antonio in Venezuela linked to?

    Back to the battle.

    Ginny Ross
    Oregon Voter Rights Coalition

  9. I’m just curious if you were as pissed as you seemed at Ed Helms. You must have known that was an act, right?

  10. Yes, Mark was on [briefly], and that episode will repeat today/tonight – the earlier slot, not the lateer one.

    What they did was use him as the “straight” guy to play off regarding something to do with the viability of cable television being supposedly “essential” for a particular town. Typical TDS fare. Although they never go as ‘far’ as they need to and should, they’re at least more honest than the other “legit” “news” programming.

    Mark made the spot-on Chomskian points of the tv medium being used as a manipulative leveraging too that distracts the public away from matters that should be of dire concern to the commonweal. You know, the sort of logical, institutional analysis that results in quick dismissals and criticisms of “conspiritorial” leanings.

    I guess we’re to believe that the vast amounts of corruption and apathy merely happen randomly within a vaccuum, that there is no sectretive plotting, that Power actually serves the best interests of the global populace, and shucky-darns, when the proverbial crap spackles the fan and the scandal and/or atrocity just happens to repeatedly benefit and enhance state/military/corporate[FASCIST]power, it’s simply a matter of, time and time again, coincidence.

    Yes, Mark is a great speaker, although it’s difficult for anyone, including the obelsik-of-insight and info Chomsky, to always be “on,” and in top form.

    I first saw Mark on C Span on one of their Booknotes specials, where he outlined “Cruel & Unusual” for fifty or so folks in a bookstore, and right away, I could tell this was a Voice of Reason with the charisma needed to bring people down from the fence.

    To be honest, I come from a very rock n roll crowd, and those in-the-know like Mark understand that in facing the dilemma we are, voices need resound far and wide. In short, don’t turn your back on the various niches of youth/pop culture! – it’s only cause young people have grown up over the past thirty yrs with zero emphasis placed on even KNOWING what to rebel against that so many of em tune out completely, enabling Establishment propaganda to further solidify and “make sense” to them cause they don’t have any other voices to identify and agree with.

    The late Bill Hicks, as well as Chomsky, talk in length about this crucial communication problem: people instinctively know things are fucked and they’re being lied to, yet those APPROPRIATELY FELT feelings are never found within the pervasive pop culture, so the mass media is akin to man-made weather that never acknowledges dissenting views. Hence dissenting views – TRUTH – becomes more and more alien and “silly” or “crazy” sounding to people who would know better if not for this elaborate pop culture process used to filter out “inappropriate thinking.”

    That’s why Mark, or the mild mannered Charles Lewis, or Chomsky, resonate so well with people like me that, if you saw me, you’d dismiss as very hippy/fringe – which is a label I’ll gladly bear given what passes for ‘normal’ these days – and an unlikely person who cares about these issues. And that’s the crux of the problem; people have been decieved into believing America is what the Establishment sells it as. So many cannot face the fact that those in Power see THEM as the enemy.

    Not too many people in Mark’s position will speak truth to power as he does. Reputations and, I’m sure, very real risks invloved nowadays. So, yeah, Mark has gained critical acclaim in many circles; an esteemed scholarly cat, true, yet, likewise hip and bare-knuckled in delivery of facts enough to appeal to the metal/punk/alt/indie/Lenny Bruce/George Carlin/John Lennon crowd, if ya follow me. That’s where the informed skeptics and outsiders are, PASSIONATELY. And believe me, we need as many younger people as is possible getting involved NOW. Make no mistake friends, this is revolutionary.

  11. Diss-diss,

    If you want to see more of Mark and Chas. Lewis, get a copy of Orwell Rolls in His Grave.
    They both are prominently featured in the 2 year old doc.

  12. I’d like to know if you were ticked off at Helms as well. I’ve always wanted to ask an interview subject if they were let in on the joke ahead of time. But TDS is so popular now that I can’t believe there’s anybody who doesn’t get the joke. It’s definitely better tv when they don’t.

    That said, I think you did a good job. The whole piece hung on having a serious disinterested third party to mock.

    THAT said, how can anybody care what a dopey town in Texas calls itself for ten years? I read about that when it happened and I didn’t get the idea that they gave up on funding their schools because of the deal with Dish TV.

    What really bugged me about TDS last night was Stewart getting all over Dick Durbin for mentioning Alito’s mine safety record as if that was a low blow. TDS is dense infrequently but when it is, it is in a big way.

  13. Mark,

    I thought you were wonderfully funny! I just caught the re-run of yesterday’s show. You were great.

    I loved the “Did you go to college?” line.

    The point of these roles is to be serious in the face of their outragious comments.

    You did great!

  14. that was hilarious. I searched for you after seeing that out of curiosity. probably the funniest thing I’ve seen on tv in a long time…

  15. “What really bugged me about TDS last night was Stewart getting all over Dick Durbin for mentioning Alito’s mine safety record as if that was a low blow. TDS is dense infrequently but when it is, it is in a big way”

    Exactly. Another time was when Jon repeatedly besmudged the 500,000 protesters last fall in DC. All those young, healthy legs and backs watching the tube, taking their cues from it, and being “instructed” on how futile and ineffective the most crucial, visible means of civic protest is. Damn that made me wince. Historically, change only comes from the bottom up, and in our case, it’s going to require people getting off their asses. If there’s no popular uprising movements to induce people young and old to REALIZE that, to understand what it is we’re faced with, we be doooomed.

    Greta, yes, I’ve seen “Orwell Rolls” and reviewed it @Amazon.com [Sunshine Greeny] Essential doc. Watch it w/Chomsky’s “Manufacturing Consent.” Invite your friends over, pop some corn, and enjoy a two-fisted doc double bill!

    Another doc I’m recommending is “Original Child Bomb,” on Sundance Channel. Sobering, harrowing meditation on the use of atomic bombs against civilians of Hiroshima/Nagasaki, and subsequent nuclear proliferation, past and present. Tick-tock, tick-tock. Difficult to watch. It grabs you by the shirt, pulls you in close, looks you dead in the eye with a look that conveys…YOU ARE ALL GUILTY OF ALLOWING THIS REALITY TO EXIST. [ever see the movie “Testament?”]

    Who decided it was wise to have groups of people exerting their energies toward ensuring race suicide?
    “Yeah, that’s pretty darn good there Bill, but can’t we figure out how to maybe murder a few million more at a time? Oh, hold on, it’s time to get going; we don’t wanna be late for church!”
    Ingenious. If you can watch “Original Child Bomb” without tears of sorrow, futility and rage welling up, please squee-gee your third eye and have your conscience overhauled immediately.

  16. Sorry, that didn’t work. Was supposed to link to image of Bill’s “Squeegee Your Third Eye” shirt!

  17. MCM,

    sorry to post twice and not add anything in this post but I have a question for…


    your Bill Hicks eye comment…was that random or did you know the BH foundation got that from me and JZ through the WhatWouldBillHicksSay.com experiment?

    thx! P.S. the winners will finally be announced soon

  18. You say you were acting? You mean, you were deliberately being a pompous windbag knob so we could laugh til tears came to our eyes? What an incredibly generous gesture on your part.

  19. I knew Mark from his Hopkins days. He always had his thumb right on the pulse of popular culture in a manner that was both cool and critical. Must say, though, that I’m not sure he was well served in that appearance. TDS is more critical of the powers that be than most; but MCM really was the “straight man” for an otherwise pretty pointless exercise (e.g., was the “point” really the corporatization of rural Americana or was it something more snotty and highbrow? . . . I’m not convinced). At any rate, thanks for taking the chance (his “did you go to college” line was pretty good). Keep up the great work, Mark!

  20. It’s like Johnny Depp, as Willy Wonka, said about [paraphrasing] “all hipsters, beatniks, bikers and cool guys have beards” in that eye-candy reworking of the original.
    Ha, sorry, the pop culture I allow my daughter to be influenced by has now swayed me as well….oh the shame.

    You should’ve seen Mark on his latest C Span W.J. appearance. He had cultivated an almost surrealistic Crispin Glover-esque image; inordinately long hair [for him], effectively enhanced by a spiffy, hears-his-own-drummer burgundy/maroon suit. He’s a dapper fella.

    His “did you go to college line?” was funny, but I more so enjoyed the “Oscar The Grouch cannot digest plastics” debacle.
    Also, I didn’t attend college – except as a janitor – and in fact, dropped out of high school to be a working musician. Now, I’m certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I try to be informed and hold my own.

    Ben Mack said…

    “your Bill Hicks eye comment…was that random or did you know the BH foundation got that from me and JZ through the WhatWouldBillHicksSay.com experiment?”

    Haha, no, not at all. Guess that makes it one of those inexplicable, cosmic coinkeedinks, eh? Plenty of those goin’ round these days ;)

    BTW, the last time I checked on that book, it’s availability/delivery status expectation sounded vague and shakey? Unfortunately I have no indie book shops in my lil Podunk town to support – aside from a few used, and even more “Christian” themed – so is it now avilable?

    Either way, good to know that other Hicks fans are on to Mark’s books!

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