Hit the streets and make a lot of noise!!

On TUESDAY, while Bush is stumbling through his State of the Union speech, go out and gather with your fellow-citizens, demanding that this unelected president, and all his goons, step down.
Then COME TO WASHINGTON on Feb. 4, for a mass protest against this criminal regime.

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So Many Reasons Why the World Can’t Wait by Missy Comley Beattie, Gold Star Families for Peace

So Many Reasons Why the World Can’t Wait

By Missy Comley Beattie
Gold Star Families for Peace

As of January 26, 2006, there are more than 250,000 reasons why George W. Bush and Richard Cheney should be impeached. That number likely will have increased by the time I place the last period at the end of this article.

One of the those reasons is agonizingly real to my family-the death of Chase Johnson Comley, killed in Iraq on August 6, 2005, number 1,828, 1,829, or 1,830 (we don’t know for sure because so many died that week) of the 2,238 American dead and counted as I write this article. Casey Sheehan is Cindy Sheehan’s personal reason. Thomas J. Sweet II is Elizabeth Sweet’s personal reason. Daniel Torres is Sergio Torres, Beatriz Saldivar, and Christina Torres’s personal reason. Jeremy Smith is Amy and Maxx Branham’s personal reason. Eric Halvorsen is Dot Halvorsen’s personal reason. All of these people with eviscerating, personal reasons are members of Gold Star Families for Peace. These reasons should be personal to all Americans.

For every death, there is an agonizingly eviscerating, personal reason for the impeachment of the WAR CRIMINALS, Bush and Cheney.

Among those 250,000 reasons is a list of wounded soldiers, 16,420 as of this minute, although one website estimated 48,000 which means that I should increase the total number of reasons why Bush and Cheney should be impeached. This figure, too, will likely change before I place the last period at the end of this article.

Also among those 250,000 reasons is the number of Iraqi dead which according to General Tommy Franks, we don’t count. But somebody does. Their families grieve for the decisions made by our administration just as my family grieves. The British Medical Journal says at least 100,000 Iraqis have been killed.

And, included in those 250,000 reasons are all the wounded Iraqis, many of them children. Again, that list likely will change before I place the last period at the end of this article. I have no figure to record here. Probably, someone does.

Another of those 250,000 reasons is the number of journalists and their translators killed while covering this illegal occupation, a figure higher than in any other war.

Let’s factor in the 2,100 plus troop deaths since Bush landed on the USS Abraham Lincoln, announcing under a Mission Accomplished banner an “end to major combat.” Yes, I know it is included in the total of 2,238, which likely will change by the time I place the last period at the end of this article. I add it to the already counted number of reasons for impeachment simply because George W. made a mockery of the bravery of our soldiers with his reprehensible photo-op on that day in May of 2003. And who can forget the blustery “bring ’em on” challenge two months later?

Wait, let’s consider the 130,000 troops serving in Iraq today in harm’s way and combine that number with the 250,000 reasons to impeach George Bush and Richard Cheney. Suddenly, we’re up to 380,000. Do we have enough reasons yet? The world can’t wait any longer even though by the time I place the last period at the end of this article, there likely, tragically, will be so many more.

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I will be in the streets of downtown Portland COUNTER-PROTESTING against you people. I can bring da noise just as well as any of you. I might show up with a hammer-and-sickle sign pointing in you direction.

I just attended a World Can’t Wait meeting specifically because I had I own suspicions that there was something funny (almost cult-like) about this group. They have been coming to meetings of local peace groups and rudely trying to take over the agenda and recruit members. They recently hijacked a progressive anti-violence march in an African American neighborhood, joining the march in progress by stepping in front to lead it with their banners creating the appearance that the entire march was them. At the meeting, a discussion of the Alito hearings began, only to be packed with negative disinformation by the leader of the group about the positions of senators regarding a filibuster. I spoke out explaining the growing potential for a filibuster that is being fueled by the actions of ordinary citizens like myself and asked the group if anyone had taken any action to affect the outcome. No one had done anything. The leader seemed miffed that we had gotten off topic of drowning out the Bush regime and explained that they try not to waste their time on small individual issues, focusing on the bigger picture. In fact if you examine their agenda, there is practically nothing there. Their future plans extend only a month or so focusing on the State of the Union Address and an upcoming bus trip to Washington and continued fundraising. I asked them what they expect upon successful completion of their stated goal of driving out the Bush regime, and they claim not to know. I explained that Denny Hassert would become President and they said they would drive him out then, still offering no idea for what is to follow. Look at their website and try to figure it out yourself.
Now go to the website for the Revolutionary Communist Party and type “World Can’t Wait” into their internal site search engine. Of the many hits, I suggest reading this one:
Read it for yourself and come to your own conclusions.
I think that the RCP has created this WCW as a front group hoping to capitalize on the widespread discontent with the Bush Administration using Neocon-like deception to hide their true role and goals. The group is cult-like in their narrow focus on meaningless stay home from work strikes and fund raising, fund raising, fund raising. No other group I’ve attended had bullied their members to bring back the money to justify the fliers they taken. They seriously remind me of the Moonies and I almost jokingly suggested that they consider flower sales at airports.
Their efforts will not achieve anything, specifically they will not make the Bush Regime step down and they will not kick start a communist revolution.
Their efforts will drain funds from well meaning, generous yet gullible progressives whose funds could have made a difference for serious progressive groups.

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