Hillary says no to filibuster

From Bob Fertik at

I just spoke with Senator Clinton’s New York City office and confirmed that Senator Clinton is NOT supporting the brave and urgent filibuster of Sam Alito by Senators John Kerry and Ted Kennedy.

Please call these numbers immediately and urge Senator Clinton to SUPPORT THE ALITO FILIBUSTER:

Senator Clinton NYC Office: 212-688-6262
Friends of Hillary NYC Office: 212-213-3717
Senator Clinton DC Office: 202-224-4451
Friends of Hillary DC Office: 202-263-0180

Please be polite but firm.

If you know any prominent supporters of Senator Clinton, please ask them to call Senator Clinton or her closest advisors directly.

For the latest updates visit:

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I have just gotten off the phone with “friends of Hillary” and she is now supporting the filibuster according to her “friends”. the exact words “she will vote against cloture, which means she will support the fillibuster”

Me too. I just got the same info from the NYC number for Friends of Hillary.

Might want to update your posting to say “call Hillary to thank her.” or something.

We are “greeting” Hillary in Portland, Oregon tonight with signs and a sidewalk march. Sheesh, we can’t even make our signs until the last minute! I hope we can say “thank you” rather than “WTF!!!?”

My sign is going to say “Um, we have a Constitutional crisis, here….and it’s not flag burning!

VLR / Oregon VRC

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