Get that filibuster going!
Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) is on record as having stated that he thinks we’ve got 41 votes against the Alito nomination.

Various activist citizen lobbies maintain toll free numbers so you can lobby your own senators on this issue. Call the Capitol Switchboard toll free and ask for your senator’s office (both of them, one at a time, and if you live in a Republican-controlled state, even better yet):

  • 1-888 355 3588
  • 1-888 818 6641
  • 1-877 851 6437

If you have some really good arguments against the Alito nomination to offer your senators, faxing is the best way to get “read.” Find their fax numbers by clicking on your state here:

Need a good argument? Here’s one: Samuel Alito throughout his professional career has demonstrated that he’ll say anything and do anything to get the job he’s interviewing for. He’ll lie (if his testimony to date is to be believed), he’ll cheat (taking the opposite view of his testimony on the bench, just as he has as a judge writing stinking dissenting opinions), he’ll steal (by taking away our constitutional rights). After all, it’s the new Republican Way.

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