From Liz Rich:


Dear Liz: I am a coal miners daughter. Our family farm was located 45 miles from the Sago mine. This morning I called some friends of mine near Morgantown, ‘WVA….they say…there were repeated violations against this mine…they say there were over 260 violations…and the safety men (who had been cut back by the owners)….they are in the pocket and hired by the mine operator.

The workers at that mine needed jobs, they new there were problems down there. But it was a matter of food and clothing for families….or no work at all…

The Owner of the mine has a very sordid past….a real money over human life kinda guy.
The miners who were outside, couldn’t believe they didn’t pump air down into the holes…that is what is always done…they didnt’……why:? They say they kept drilling holes but never put the air shafts down….

when the families heard they were alive…they started celebrating….they waited for 3 hours to hear where their loved ones had been taken….and then 3 hours later were told they were all dead…MOST WENT HOME TO GET THEIR GUNS…THEY HAD ENOUGH…DONT KNOW IF CENSORED TV WILL SHOW THIS OR TELL THAT STORY…BUT THEY INSIST ITS TRUE….AND KNOWING THESE FOLKS AS I DO….I ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE IT.

I personally think the owner wanted to have “some protection of his own before he told the truth”,,,,,,he knew what would happen when they found out…This is a crime, this is an industrialized crime….and again, LAYS SQUARELY AT THE FEET OF THE BUSH REGIME…WHO HAVE LOWERED THE SAFETY STANDARDS DOWN TO NOTHING.

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