Ernest Partridge on that counterpoint

Jonathan Simon is spot on.

Surely one of the most amazing aspects of the election fraud issue is how so many otherwise smart liberals and progressives fail to see what is right in front of their faces — this includes Al Franken, Paul Begalla, Arianna Huffington, Bernie Sanders, every Democrat in the Senate, and with the exception of Rush Holt, John Conyers and a very few others, virtually every Democrat in the House. And so the Democrats, and allied organizations such as PFAW and Move-On prattle on about how they will surely take over the Congress “next time.”

So once again, Lucy props up the football, and says, “c’mon, Charlie Brown, let’s see if you can kick it this time.”

What’s wrong with these people? Don’t they know how to recognize plain-fact evidence? Can’t they follow a simple argument to its compelling conclusion? Answer: yes they know, and yes they can. They just refuse. My best guess is that they simply can’t bring themselves to face up to the enormity of the Bush/GOP crime against our democracy.

Germany, c. 1938: “Yes, I know things are tough for us Jews, but surely you can’t believe those stories about death camps. After all, this is our country too!” Some of those who believed the stories and who acted accordingly are now, along with their descendents, our neighbors and compatriots. Those who “couldn’t believe,” perished in the holocaust.

Don’t get your hopes up. The suits against Diebold are going nowhere. Remember the right-wing judiciary? If the plaintiffs win, the case will be thrown out on appeal. Even if a judgment for the plaintiffs is upheld, who will know about it? Sure, Fitrakis and Wasserman, bless ’em, will crow about it, and the progressive blogosphere will shout about it. But what difference will that make?

If we managed to crawl out of this hole, this is how it will happen: it will finally dawn on the poobahs on Wall Street, and through them a few significant voices in the MSM, that they are sinking the ship that they are riding on. And when the great ship goes down, those in the luxury cabins will be as doomed as those in steerage.

Bush’s “pioneers” are, in their own way, as blind to the economic shipwreck ahead as the aforementioned progressives are to election fraud. But the evidence in both cases is compelling. The housing bubble is about to burst, China is abandoning the dollar, we are at peak oil and energy prices are bound to skyrocket. And the 95% of humanity living outside our borders has just about had it with our imperial fantasies and may, at any time, decide to shut down our economy without firing a shot. Europe, OPEC and the Pacific Rim can do it, and they know it even if the Busheviks don’t. (See “The Vulnerable Giant” ).

All this is slowly dawning on a few fat-cat movers and shakers, a very few of whom seem to realize that all their wealth is derived, ultimately, from the education, skill and labor of the rest of us, and from our shared infrastructure, institutions, and political traditions, most notably, the rule of law — all of which are being outsourced, dismantled, and “drowned” in Grover Norquist’s “bathtub.” The recent impeachment editorial in Barrons may suggest that this realization may be dawning on a few of the elites. And so, where the law, the Constitution, simple justice and morality have failed, enlightened self-interest by the powerful and wealthy may yet bail us out. If and when these powers-that-be finally decide to pull the plug on Bush, Inc., they can bring it down, simply by spreading the word, far and wide, that since 2000 (and perhaps before) elections have been irrelevant and that the regime no longer governs “with the consent of the governed.” They, unlike us, have the media access and control to do just that.

But will they wake up in time to rescue our common political-economic enterprise? That’s where we in the progressive blososphere come in. Our voices of protest are weak, but they are grounded in evidence and hard reality. We must write and publish relentlessly, wake up our sleeping and credulous “allies” (Franken, Huffington, Sanders, MoveOn, et al), tell the Democrats that they will get no support from us unless and until they address and deal with the ballot fraud issue, and we must encourage and then publicize any defections from Bushism in the media and among the affluent elites.

As I have noted many times before, the Busheviks and their allies have the wealth and the power, and they control the message. Thus the cause of us dissidents is hopeless: as hopeless as the causes of General George Washington, of Mohandas Gandhi, of Nelson Mandella, of Andrei Sakharov, of Martin Luther King. Somehow, mysteriously, unexpectedly, the forces of history provided opportunities, and they had the wisdom to take advantage of these opportunities. I find no leaders of such stature and wisdom in evidence today, and yet those opportunities may soon be before us.

“The arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice.” (Martin Luther King).

Ernest Partridge

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“What’s wrong with these people?”…Uh, they don’t believe you, Partridge. And they shouldn’t. Crackpot.

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