Denial in "the liberal media"

Joe Bageant: ‘Goodbye Terry Gross, we niver knew ye’
Posted on Friday, January 20 @ 09:38:47 EST
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On liberal media denial

Joe Bageant

Having come to understand that mainstream media are in the business of selling fried chicken and cars, giving Wall Street head, and stealing bandwidth from the public’s airwaves, none of us expect them to question anything afoot in the empire. We quite understand they cannot be wasting profitable air time on a nation whose collective memory is 30 seconds long. So we watch them pull their punches and wait for the commercials, which are their whole point anyway. If, god forbid, you are the pointy headed type interested in details, turn on NPR. And if you consider yourself hipper than the couch taters out here in Budland, go onto the net and visit Salon. Or if you are so worldly and hip you are a downright commie, then subscribe to Mother Jones. That’s the way it used to be.

But now we are seeing what were once considered the more intelligent and in some cases more principled media such as NPR, Salon and Mother Jones distance themselves from meaningful controversy–pulling the few wimpy punches they have. (Bullshit controversy, however, is still in fashion.) We are talking about Mark Crispin Miller’s new book, Fooled Again – How the Right Stole the 2004 Election and Why They’ll Steal the Next One, Too (Unless We Stop Them). Miller has become a known and respected progressive figure, one of the few in-your-face bespectacled lefty author types with any credibility. But when it comes to promoting Fooled, the guy can’t even get arrested. No interviews, nothing.

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Let’s say, as a ‘for instance,’ that the info gathered/presented by Mark and others doesn’t, in fact, reveal that which is blatantly obvious…

…okay then, why, since such ‘conspiracy theories’ from “crackpots” could easily be disproven on a point by point basis through the presentation of detailed info that counters the evidence brought by skeptics and dissidents, do naysayers of said evidence avoid confronting it, instead relying upon name-calling sans direct confrontation of the evidence?

There is no “war on terror;” there is one brewing, however, between rational free thinkers and propagandized blind faithers.

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