Democratic Underground is on the job!

From Cindy:

I posted your challenge, to find out how much of Abramoff’s money was used to steal Election 2004, in the Election Reform forum at DU.

There have been a number of good posts – you can check them out here

Summary of posts…

Diebold paid $287,500.00 in lobbyist fees over 2 years just for New York City

Abramoff, U.S. Attorney Acosta, and the Stolen Election

Bob Ney’s former chief of staff David DiStefano received $50,000 in that
same timeperiod as a lobbyist for Diebold (but not at Greenberg Traurig).

“Diebold Election Systems, based in McKinney, Tex., and known mostly
for its A.T.M.’s, is spending $12,500 a month to retain Greenberg
Traurig, a Manhattan law firm. Greenberg’s lobbyists are Robert
Harding, former deputy mayor under Rudolph W. Giuliani, and John
Mascialino, a lawyer and former first deputy commissioner of a city
agency charged with buying equipment and supplies under Mr. Giuliani.

Liberty Election Systems, a new outfit owned by the executives of an
Albany printing company that has produced election ballots for
decades, is spending $3,000 a month on lobbyists from Capitol Group.”

Lots more information and links here

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  1. Hey, has anybody from Democratic Blunderground been hoping that Prime Minister Sharon die, just like Pat Robertson or that Iranian thug-leader? It would be par for the course, since all the DUmmies were celebrating when Ronald Reagan died.

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