From Sheila Parks:
This may be a messy email but time is so close, I am just going to put it out and not neaten it up. Sorry for contradictory emails, but news is breaking fast, Hard to keep up with. Jeffords and Lautenberg for fili.
For contact info see links at very bottom of email.

Menendez gave great speech. Needs to follow with action and vote against fili or abstain –

Cantwell also up for re-election – her office hated it when I told them that this am. told me how wonderful she was. I disagreed.

Same for all of them vote against cloture or abstain

Gang of 14 meeting soon. That is official and at this moment I believe it.

My best bets in this gang to call Inouye (in gang of 14 and voted against Roberts and will vote against Alito)and Lieberman (see below – he is up for reelection)

We need to tell them we will put them out of office – and mean it – if they do not think this is extraordinary circumstances (LOL here, since I believe the elections are rigged. But these Senators don’t get that yet.)

Gang of 14 -Dems

SEE BELOW TWO PARAGRAPHS WHAT A Republican friend has written about Inouey and use it when you talk with his office.

This below via Dennis Morrisseau: (802) 645-9727,
Roberts was chair of a three judge panel that was getting ready to rule on Bush Admin power to detain and try foreign fighters in spite of traty obligations that required another course of action—-at the very time that he (Robert’s) was being interviewed for the Supreme Court by Bush Rove Cheney and Rummy. He ruled for the President (a truly incredible– and some would say corrupt) result; and was promptly appointed to the Supremes.

If a sitting judge ever did such a thing and it became widely known that judge would be subject to impeachment. Rogers should have recused himself from the 3 judge panel while he was being considered for the High Court. Not too many people are aware of this fact. Inouye is a real stickler for propriety among judges. Alito doesn’t have this overt legal problem, so who knows what Inouye will do?

Nelson – Nebraska

Below is some great info from my friend Dan Ashby in CA. who has also been working on this day and night. S

Mary Landrieu [LA], currently has NO primary challenger but if she will not listen to the people we have until 8/11 to find an alternative to run against her.

Daniel Akaka [HI], already has two primary challengers, one of whom, Ed Case, is a former elected state representative and is polling well.

Joe Lieberman [CT], already has a primary challenge looming from Ned Lamont who has set up an exploratory site, and until 5/16 to make the decision to jump in. They last thing Joe needs is lots of more encouragement for Lamont.

Bill Nelson [FL], currently has NO primary challenger, with until 5/12 to find one.

Ben Nelson [NE], currently has NO primary challenger, but if there is a concerned citizen in Nebraska who wants to run they have until 3/1 to register as a candidate.
Jeff Bingaman [NM], currently has NO primary challenger but still two weeks remain until the deadline for filing of 2/14.

Carper [DE], currently has NO primary challenger and all the way until 7/28 to enter the primary against him.

Kohl [WI], currently has NO primary challenger. We have heard he plans on skipping the vote, which is the same thing as an abstain. The filing deadline in Wisconsin is 7/11.

Cantwell [WA], is being already challenged by a strong progressive candidate, Mark Wilson.

Byrd [WV], has no serious primary challenger we can confirm and the 1/28 deadline has just expired. Perhaps you can appeal to his professed love of the Constitution which Alito would gut.

Robert Menendez [NJ], was just appointed but has to run himself this year. If he drops the ball there are challengers waiting in the wings and until 4/10 to decide.

Lincoln Chafee [RI] is a Republican who professes to be pro-choice and not feeling very secure right now about her 2006 prospects. Perhaps he is a possibility for abstention on cloture.

Olympia Snowe [ME] is a another Republican who professes to be pro-choice who must face the electorate in 2006. She should also be encouraged to abstain on cloture.


Blanche Lambert Lincoln [AR], up for reelection in 2010
Mark Pryor [AR], up for reelection in 2008
Tom Harkin [IA], up for reelection in 2008
Evan Bayh [IN], up for reelection in 2010
Susan Collins [ME], up for reelection in 2008
Carl Levin [MI], up for reelection in 2008
Max Baucus [MT], up for reelection in 2008
Frank Lautenberg [NJ], up for reelection in 2008
Tim Johnson [SD], up for reelection in 2008



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