"Concerned Alumni of Princeton" should concern us all

Alito’s ugly association

His membership in a racist, reactionary group at Princeton reveals the unsavory face of conservatism.

By Joe Conason

Jan. 13, 2006 | It’s easy to tell when conservatives feel most embarrassed by a particular political revelation because indignation immediately swells while memory grows dim. Whatever the outcome of Samuel Alito’s Supreme Court nomination, his membership in the Concerned Alumni of Princeton is the kind of issue that conservatives clearly prefer to avoid.

They don’t like to be reminded of their historical opposition to civil rights, their continuing hostility to the advancement of minorities, or their bad habit of coddling and cultivating bigots.

That is why Sen. Orrin Hatch angrily demanded to know why anyone would dare ask Alito about CAP, why Sen. Lindsay Graham theatrically apologized to Alito and his family about the controversy, and why author Dinesh D’Souza, who once edited the organization’s magazine, dismissed the subject as a “diversion.” That is why Fox News and the conservative media are exploiting his wife’s tears to suggest that those questions were somehow illegitimate.

That is also why Alito himself has claimed to be unable to recall his decision to join the reactionary group of wealthy Princeton graduates (founded in 1972), which became notorious for its opposition to women and minorities on campus, its vicious bigotry against homosexuals, and its defense of the interests of affluent white male alumni and their sons. A convenient credential back when he was applying for a post in the Reagan administration, where his résumé would be perused only by like-minded right-wingers, membership in CAP became troublesome under the hot lights of a Supreme Court nomination hearing.

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Very thorough analysis,but is his link to Concerned Alumni of Princeton enough to prevent Supreme Court confirmation? NO! Why does’nt the minority party mount that needed filibuster….daring the party in power to try and enact the “NUCLEAR OPTION!” it has threatened. Most importantly, would Frist dare follow through on this radical obstructionist threat given the scope of Republican corruption and the public’s mounting dismay?rage? Better late (to stop the 2000 Ashcroft confirmation)than never,Senators Leahy, Kennedy,Durbin, Schumer,Feinstein, Feingold et al.!!The time is very late!What can u lose? Courage!!You MUST TRY IT!! WernerS

Get over it! Judge Alito bases his rulings on law not feelings. Congress makes the laws so if you have a problem with the law get them to change them rather than having judges insert their feelings into their rulings. Don’t look for him to be a right-wing “bomb-thrower” regarding Americans’ rights.

CAP is not a racist-sexist organization. Opposing affirmative action quotas does not make you a racist. Wanting to have a single-sex college remain a single-sex college is not a case of gender bias, whether we’re talking about Princeton or Wellesley.

When a student attends college, even a zipped up control freak like Sammy(notice how he brushed his wife outside the hearing after her waterworks display), one’s guard is often down and the consequences of one’s choices are not always deeply considered. Character is well developed by college time and bears close scrutiny in one who aspires to the highest legal office. Media toadies are going ballistic on probing questions to Judge Alito because the truth hurts la cause.

Interesting Mark. Conason makes some good points – When you get a chance, head over to our blog and read what “Kristol” talked about when he met with Bush. You may laugh. Or you may not. We’ll see.

Mark, you can stop worrying about Alito.

He is not who he says he is and the man is not going to give in to imperial power. He sticks straight to the code of law, period. All this harassment about Alito really is a bunch of smoke-screen smearing by somebody.

Alito will not allow anyone including the president to do anything they want, and he is capable of rational thought. I talked to Senator Feingold and he has asked these questions, and Alito is not an imperial puppet.

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