"Columnist Mentions Election Book Ignored By Most Newspapers"

Columnist Mentions Election Book Ignored By Most Newspapers
By Dave Astor
Published: January 23, 2006 2:28 PM ET

NEW YORK Mark Crispin Miller says most general-circulation newspapers haven’t reviewed his “Fooled Again” book, which alleges that the 2004 election was stolen. But Creators Syndicate columnist Paul Craig Roberts gave the three-month-old book a positive mention in a piece dated last Thursday.

“Miller describes considerably more election fraud than voting machines programmed to count a proportion of Kerry votes as Bush votes,” wrote Roberts, a former assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury under President Reagan. “Miller reports incidences of intimidation of, and reduced voting opportunities for, poorer voters who tend to vote Democrat.”

Roberts added: “Some of Miller’s evidence is circumstantial. However, he documents widespread Republican dirty tricks and foul play. The media’s indifference to a stolen election burns Miller as much as the stolen election itself.”

The columnist — a former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal and a former contributing editor of the National Review — also discussed rumors that voting machines were hacked. “The pre-election statement by Diebold’s CEO that he would work to deliver the election to Bush was apparently no idle boast,” said Roberts. “In five states where the new ‘foolproof’ electronic voting machines were used, the vote tallies differed substantially from the exit polls. Such a disparity is unusual. The chances of exit polls in five states being wrong are no more than one in one million.”

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