Attention election activists!

Are you A Voting Integrity Activist? Then We have Something for you– Free

Most progressives opine that we need to get the vote count situation cleaned up if we are going to get elections working. There’s a great tool some activists have discovered. It’s a DVD titled Invisible Ballots It does a great job telling the story of the problem of paperless electronic voting. It is a great tool for educating people at a local level.

OpEdNews has done a trade for advertising that nets us two dozen of these DVDs that we want to GIVE to local or national Voting integrity activists. Drop me a note at to tell me about your work with the vote. I want to give away two dozen of these. If you know someone who is working on the issue, get them in touch with me. Understand. We are not selling them. We are giving them away. I will be forwarding all inquiries to Joan Brunwasser ( ), OpEdNews’s voting Integrity Editor, for evaluation. We want to say yes. Our goal is to support activists who are already working at the grassroots level AND to encourage new people to get involved and become active. Hold a houseparty. Show the DVD at your church. There’s a growing network of people who are building resources to make it easier to fight the fight for Paper Ballots at a local level. You are not alone. We intend to use the descriptions we get of voter integrity activism, so assume that what you write will be published with your permission. Or, if you want to support this project, so we can give more than two dozen away, (Joan has already sent out close to 100) then make a contribution to OpEdNews and mention Vote Integrity Project in your contribution ( ) And we’ll use 100% of the money we receive to buy and ship DVDs to give away.

We’ve already had a great beginning response to this offer.

Rob Kall

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